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The Help (2011)

Comments Off on The Help (2011) 07 December 2011

Studio: Disney Blu Ray Release: December 6, 2011 Based on a bestselling novel by Kathryn Stockett, The Help reveals a world very rarely tapped into. It shows the side of African American maids and they’re experiences working for Caucasian employers. It’s a heartwarming tale that allows you to understand the strength that these maids had […]

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What My Husband Don't Know (2011)

Drama, Musical, Romance

What My Husband Doesn’t Know (2011)

Comments Off on What My Husband Doesn’t Know (2011) 03 November 2011

Studio: Image Entertainment DVD Release: October 27, 2011 What Your Husband Don’t Know, Can Get Someone Killed. Every once and a while you come across a story about adultery that makes you feel for the adulterer and not condemn them. This is one of those times.

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Comedy, Romance

Politics of Love (2011)

Comments Off on Politics of Love (2011) 13 October 2011

Studio: Codeblack Entertainment Home Release: September 13, 2011 What happens when two opposing political sides meet in a fiery battle? Fireworks commence. And that’s exactly what happens when pro-Obama Aretha meets the unlikely pro-McCain Kyle in the romantic comedy Politics of Love.

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Last Night (2011) movie poster


Last Night (2011)

Comments Off on Last Night (2011) 14 August 2011

Echo Bridge Home Entertainment Theatrical Release:  May 5, 2011 Home Release:  August 2, 2011 Director: Massy Tadjedin Rated R Review by Wendy Simmons Will He?…Will She? Adultery is a headlining story in almost every gossip magazine and has always been a steamy subject to display on film. Well, here’s yet another movie about the temptation […]

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White Irish Drinkers (2011)


White Irish Drinkers (2011)

Comments Off on White Irish Drinkers (2011) 20 July 2011

Screen Media Theatrical Release: March 25, 2011 Home Release: July 12, 2011 Director: John Gray Rated R Review by Wendy Simmons Wants To Be More Than White Irish Drinkers What can push you to further yourself when you are surrounded by unambitious people? That’s what Brian, the sensitive artist, must face in White Irish Drinkers.  […]

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The Hustle (2008) Movie Cover


The Hustle (2008)

Comments Off on The Hustle (2008) 29 June 2011

Studio: Screen Media Home Release: July 5, 2011 Director: Deon Taylor Rated R Review by Wendy Simmons Can’t Knock the Hustle…For Trying Fresh to DVD, The Hustle starring Charlie Murphy and Al Shearer engulfs us in a day of mishaps as the main characters (Murphy and Shearer) attempt to hustle their way out of trouble. […]

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I Am Number Four (2011) DVD Cover

Science Fiction

I Am Number Four (2011)

Comments Off on I Am Number Four (2011) 10 June 2011

Studio: DreamWorks Pictures, Reliance BIG Entertainment, Bay Films Distributed: Touchstone Pictures Theatrical Release: February 18, 2011 Home Release: May 24, 2011 Director: D.J. Caruso Rated PG-13 Review by Wendy Simmons I Am Number Four is a never boring action packed sci-fi thriller new to DVD. Directed by D.J. Caruso, the audience is introduced to John […]

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The Inheritance (2011) movie cover


The Inheritance (2011)

Comments Off on The Inheritance (2011) 01 June 2011

Image Entertainment, Duly Noted and Queen Nefertari Productions Home Release: April 12, 2011 Director: Robert O’Hara Not Rated Review by Wendy Simmons Don’t Sacrifice for the Inheritance, Skip It The Inheritance is a horror film trying to combine history with fright. What was meant to be an impromptu winter family reunion morphed into a sacrificial […]

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Tangled (2010) Blu-ray 3D box cover

Animation, Family, Interview

Tangled (2010)

Comments Off on Tangled (2010) 25 March 2011

Tangled (2010) Studio: Walt Disney Studios Theatrical Release: November 24, 2011 Home Release: March 29, 2011 Director: Nathan Greno, Byron Howard Rated PG Review by Wendy Simmons Wrapped Up In Tangled Let me start by saying that I am an adult…an adult who loves cartoons. And Disney’s 50th animated edition was no exception. The Repunzel […]

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In Darfur (2011)

Drama, Theatre

In Darfur (2011)

Comments Off on In Darfur (2011) 18 February 2011

In Darfur (2011) Theatrical Release: February 2011 Written by Winter Miller and Nicholas Kristof Directed by Nick Bowling Not Rated Review by Wendy Simmons Open Your Eyes to What’s In Darfur In Darfur is a remarkably eye-opening production now showcased at the TimeLine Theatre Company on Chicago’s north side. It tells the story of Darfur’s […]

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The Town (2010)

Crime, Drama

The Town (2010)

Comments Off on The Town (2010) 25 January 2011

The Town (2010) Warner Brothers Pictures Theatrical Release: September 17, 2010 Home Release: Release Date: December 17, 2010 Director: Ben Affleck Rated R Review by James Klein I don’t usually use these two words in the same sentence: “Ben Affleck” and “great”. Those two words usually don’t go together. With films on his resume like […]

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Mr. Immortality: The Life and Times of Twista (2011)

Documentary, Hip Hop/Rap

Mr. Immortality: The Life and Times of Twista (2011)

Comments Off on Mr. Immortality: The Life and Times of Twista (2011) 11 January 2011

Mr. Immortality: The Life and Times of Twista (2011) Studio: 101 Distributions (EMI) Home Release Date: January 11, 2011 Director: Vlad Yudin Not Rated Genre: Music, Hip Hop Twista Movie Web Site by Wendy Simmons Mr. Immortal Will Undoubtedly Live On In the documentary, Mr. Immortality: The Life and Times of Twista, rap legend Twista, […]

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