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Horror, War, Zombies

Operation Nazi Zombies (2003)

No Comments 06 May 2012

Studio: Brain Damage Films DVD Release: May 1, 2012 Pretty cool looking movie poster huh? Well don’t judge a film by its cover.

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Drama, Thriller

Shackled (2010)

No Comments 23 March 2012

Studio: Midnight Releasing DVD Release: March 6, 2012 A sister and her brother’s friend try to solve a convoluted mystery regarding her brother’s death.

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Horror, Zombies

Dorm of the Dead (2012)

No Comments 09 January 2012

Studio: Midnight Releasing/Brain Damage Films DVD Release: February 7, 2012 Eyeball ripped out. Penis split in two. Being force fed diarrhea from a homeless man. Sodomy by a baseball bat. No, these aren’t gruesome scenes from Midnight Releasing’s Dorm of the Dead. However, these are things I would rather have done to me than to […]

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american scream

Horror, Satire, Slasher

American Scream King (2010)

No Comments 05 January 2012

Studio: Midnight Releasing DVD Release: January 3, 2012 American Scream King is not a bad story by any means. Just poorly executed. But still interesting nonetheless. Two friends get their hands on an expensive camera and decide to make a movie. Hold on. The plot thickens. These jerks debate how easy it is to make […]

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Horror, Satire, Zombies

Attack of the Vegan Zombies (2011)

No Comments 29 December 2011

Studio: Midnight Releasing DVD Release: January 3rd, 2012 With a title like Attack of the Vegan Zombies, you get the impression that you may be in for a wild ride. Not exactly. This quirky film has so much going on you actually forget that zombies at some point are set to attack. Joe and his […]

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Horror, Slasher

Filth To Ashes, Flesh To Dust (2011)

No Comments 26 December 2011

Studio: Midnight Releasing DVD Release: February 7th, 2012 OK, so there is a serial killer named “Purge” and his schtick is to kill the weak and “undesirable” in order to create a perfect society. Anyway, Eric and Shelly are driving around rock quarries or something and they run into a girl named Caitlin who was […]

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