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I drink Your Blood blu ray


I Drink Your Blood (1970)

Comments Off on I Drink Your Blood (1970) 26 April 2017

Grindhouse Releasing does it again and puts out a hell of a great release. This two disc set is chock full of extra features, even coming with two other feature films that will take viewers days just to get thru all the special features.

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Horror, Supernatural

Manhattan Baby (1982)

Comments Off on Manhattan Baby (1982) 25 October 2016

A rather disappointing film by Lucio Fulci along with a mediocre release by Blue Underground.

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Horror, Slasher

Cat in the Brain (1990)

Comments Off on Cat in the Brain (1990) 24 October 2016

Cat in the Brain is the type of film that would be perfect to have running in the background of a Halloween party.

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Pieces BD

Horror, Slasher

Pieces (1982)

Comments Off on Pieces (1982) 06 March 2016

This could be 2016’s best blu ray release of the year. Pieces has never looked or sounded this good.

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Pieces BD


Press Release – Pieces Coming to Blu Ray from Grindhouse!

Comments Off on Press Release – Pieces Coming to Blu Ray from Grindhouse! 27 January 2016

Grindhouse release of the blu ray Pieces containing two versions of the film!

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Gone with the Pope cover

Crime, Drama

Gone With The Pope (1976)

Comments Off on Gone With The Pope (1976) 15 August 2015

Duke Mitchell’s epic final film finally sees the light of day thanks to the Herculean efforts of Grindhouse Releasing.

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Cannibal Ferox Blu cover


Cannibal Ferox (1981)

Comments Off on Cannibal Ferox (1981) 27 July 2015

There is certainly a reputation with Italian cannibal films, and while this isn’t a non-stop gorefest, it certainly lives up to, or down to, the reputation.

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Massacre Mafia blu ray

Action, Crime

Massacre Mafia Style (1974)

Comments Off on Massacre Mafia Style (1974) 01 April 2015

The grindhouse cult classic has been given the respect it deserves in Grindhouse Releasing’s newest blu ray release.

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Beyond press release 1


The Beyond on Blu-Ray 02/10/15

Comments Off on The Beyond on Blu-Ray 02/10/15 08 January 2015

Well, it’s about goddamn time.  Grindhouse sent along this press release announcing a release date for their new Blu-Ray of Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond.  I can’t wait personally.   The Beyond (Blu-ray/CD Combo) Label: GRINDHOUSE RELEASING PRE-BOOK: 01/13/15 STREET DATE: 02/10/15 SRP: 39.95 UPC: 652799001128 Cat: GRD 011 Run Time: 89 Minutes Language: English Color […]

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cannibal holocaust blu

Drama, Horror

Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

Comments Off on Cannibal Holocaust (1980) 10 July 2014

Grindhouse Releasing’s 3 disc mega-set of one of the most controversial films ever made – is it worth the upgrade from DVD to blu ray?

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Vic (2006)

Comments Off on Vic (2006) 31 January 2014

Sage Stallone’s dramatic short film featuring a tour de force performance by Clu Gulager is one that should not be missed.

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Cannibal Ferox cover


Cannibal Ferox (1981)

Comments Off on Cannibal Ferox (1981) 09 January 2014

Certainly one of the most notorious, if not particularly the best, examples of the Italian cannibal film genre, Cannibal Ferox is at least ridiculously sleazy enough to keep your attention.

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