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Aliens, Robots, Science Fiction

The Earth Dies Screaming (1964)

Comments Off on The Earth Dies Screaming (1964) 08 November 2016

For fans of War of the Worlds, Twilight Zone, Night of the Living Dead, and Village of the Damned need to see The Earth Dies Screaming.

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KBD Cover

Drama, Thriller

A Kiss Before Dying (1956)

Comments Off on A Kiss Before Dying (1956) 21 February 2016

A story of a young, handsome Army vet from the wrong side of the tracks whose ambitions exceed his talents and whose sociopathic drive for success leads to multiple murders.

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The Fly (1986)

Horror, Monsters, Romance, Science Fiction

The Fly (1986)

Comments Off on The Fly (1986) 10 September 2015

20th Century Fox Studios Theatrical Release Date: August 15, 1986 DVD Release Date: October 5, 2005 Director: David Cronenberg Rated R Review by Nick Schwab “You’re afraid to dive into the plasma pool, aren’t you? You’re afraid to be destroyed and recreated, aren’t you? I’ll bet you think that you woke me up about the […]

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Razor's Edge blu ray

Drama, Romance

The Razor’s Edge (1946)

Comments Off on The Razor’s Edge (1946) 17 June 2015

This melodramatic self discovery drama is quite good if one has no problem sitting through a two and a half hour dialog driven movie.

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Call Her Savage (1932)

Comments Off on Call Her Savage (1932) 01 May 2015

In 1932, the motion picture Call Her Savage dared to explore characters who were neither good nor bad but found themselves drawn to morally corrupt decisions and actions through their own motivations and desires.

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Comedy, Drama, Romance

Alex & the Gypsy (1976)

Comments Off on Alex & the Gypsy (1976) 19 January 2015

When a movie has Jack Lemmon and James Woods in it, it’s should be good, no?

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Dante's Inferno

Crime, Drama

Dante’s Inferno (1935)

Comments Off on Dante’s Inferno (1935) 16 January 2015

20th Century-Fox Cinema Archives has released Dante’s Inferno, another rare and much requested but hard to see movie on DVD.

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affairs dvd


The Affairs of Cellini (1934)

Comments Off on The Affairs of Cellini (1934) 13 November 2014

Scream Queen Fay Wray, Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde’s Fredric March and the Wizard of Oz himself, Frank Morgan star in a romantic comedy.

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Drama, Spy, Thriller

Five Fingers (1952)

Comments Off on Five Fingers (1952) 19 August 2014

For the participant looking for a slower paced, tense, taught, slow-burn thriller, look no further than Five Fingers.

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blood and steel dvd


Blood and Steel (1959)

Comments Off on Blood and Steel (1959) 17 June 2014

Low budget WWII film may be worth a look for fans of the genre. Others may be turned off by the bland direction and poorly written script.

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Drama, Sports

The Pride of St. Louis (1952)

Comments Off on The Pride of St. Louis (1952) 21 April 2014

True story on the life of Dizzy Dean, one of baseball’s greatest pitchers.

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Heaven With A Barbed Wired Fence Cover

Comedy, Drama, Romance

Heaven With A Barbed Wire Fence (1939)

Comments Off on Heaven With A Barbed Wire Fence (1939) 09 October 2013

Studio: 20th Century Fox Theatrical Release: November 3, 1939 Blu Ray Release: March 1, 2013 Rating: UnRated! Directed by Ricardo Cortez Review by Tim Bodzioney The year 1939 is often considered to be Hollywood’s best year by film critics and historians. In a year crowded with contenders for top honors (Gone With The Wind, Stagecoach, […]

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