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Documentary, Supernatural

The Otherworld (2013)

Comments Off on The Otherworld (2013) 05 February 2018

Documentary about the south of France with strange happens involving UFO’s, ghosts, and The Holy Grail all told by film maker Richard Stanley.

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Red Krokodil (2012)

Comments Off on Red Krokodil (2012) 25 April 2017

Director Domiziano Cristopharo and film’s star Brock Madson attempt to tackle the devastating effects of Desomorphine with their 88 minute feature, Red Krokodil.

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Science Fiction

Singularity Principle (2013)

Comments Off on Singularity Principle (2013) 28 September 2016

Singularity Principle brings up an interesting concept of parallel universes. Though the beginning of the movie does a good job of getting you invested, by the end you’ll wish you existed in the universe without this movie.

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Comedy, Horror, Slasher

Theatre of the Deranged II (2013)

Comments Off on Theatre of the Deranged II (2013) 04 September 2016

Troma films like The Toxic Avenger, Class of Nuke Em High, and Terror Firmer are stupid movies, but they’re fun and entertaining escapism for the right audience. Theatre of the Deranged II isn’t.

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Drama, Thriller

Misogynist (2013)

Comments Off on Misogynist (2013) 08 January 2016

Misogynist certainly isn’t for the male horror crowd looking for a rape/revenge flick in the vain of The Last House On The Left or I Spit On Your Grave. This is a movie more akin to a not-funny version of Swingers.

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cosplay fetish battle drones

Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Super Hero

Cosplay Fetish Battle Drones (2013)

Comments Off on Cosplay Fetish Battle Drones (2013) 02 October 2015

Cosplay Fetish Battle Drones is pure agony.

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Crimson Winter

Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural, Thriller, Vampire

Crimson Winter (2013)

Comments Off on Crimson Winter (2013) 03 March 2015

Crimson Winter seems more intent on creating a complex epic saga instead of focusing on making a decent film.

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Rabid Love (2013)

Comments Off on Rabid Love (2013) 06 June 2014

Rabid Love is an unfortunate failure because it comes nowhere near the lofty expectation it sets forth and, at times, is simply dull.

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Comedy, Television

Eastbound & Down Season 4 (2013)

Comments Off on Eastbound & Down Season 4 (2013) 12 May 2014

Eastbound & Down Season 4 is fucking out!

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Jess Franco Collection

Adult, Drama, Horror, Thriller

Jess Franco: The Perverse Collection (2013)

Comments Off on Jess Franco: The Perverse Collection (2013) 09 May 2014

An entire box set of European sleaze from director Jess Franco?

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Aliens, Comedy, Demons, Horror, Monsters, Supernatural

Dead On Appraisal (2013)

Comments Off on Dead On Appraisal (2013) 07 May 2014

How bad is this anthology horror film?

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Hot Nights blu

Adult, Drama, Thriller

The Hot Nights of Linda (1975)

Comments Off on The Hot Nights of Linda (1975) 19 April 2014

You should know what you are getting into with a Jess Franco film: a dull but yet absurd plot, plenty of nudity, and a lot of zoom shots.

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