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Biography, Crime, Documentary, Drama

Napoli Napoli Napoli (2009)

Comments Off on Napoli Napoli Napoli (2009) 20 February 2017

The Abel Ferrara we loved from the 1990’s that gave us The King of New York, Bad Lieutenant, Body Snatchers and The Funeral is not the Ferrara as of late and this docu-drama is just another film of his that misses the mark.

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Action, Martial Arts

Samurai Avenger: The Blind Wolf (2009)

Comments Off on Samurai Avenger: The Blind Wolf (2009) 14 August 2015

For those looking for a classic throwback Samurai kung fu film…keep looking.

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hardware blu ray

Horror, Robots, Science Fiction

Hardware (1990)

No Comments 01 September 2014

A good example on what film makers can do with very little money and a lot of originality. Hardware is a film they just don’t make anymore.

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Adult, Crime, Thriller

The Sinful Dwarf (1973)

No Comments 02 March 2013

Studio: Severin / CAV DVD Release: June 3, 2009 A 1970’s 42nd Street era film about a dwarf who rapes women with his cane. Got your attention?

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Door Into Silence (1991)

No Comments 14 November 2012

Studio: Severin DVD Release: July 14, 2009 There is a reason why this is one of Lucio Fulci’s most forgotten films.

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Screwballs (1983)

No Comments 08 November 2012

Studio: Severin/CAV Blu Ray Release: October 13, 2009 If you thought Porky’s didn’t have enough breasts, Screwballs is here to satisfy your milk craving.

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cat cover

Giallo, Horror, Satire, Slasher

A Cat in the Brain (1990)

No Comments 23 June 2012

Studio: CAV/Grindhouse Releasing DVD Release: March 31, 2009 Director Luci Fulci plays himself as a director who is starting to go crazy as a serial killer has been killing numerous women all around him. Forget story, this has the highest body count of any Fulci film.

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Zombieland (2009)

Action, Comedy, Halloween, Horror, Zombies

Zombieland (2009)

No Comments 22 October 2011

Studio: Sony Pictures DVD Release: October 2, 2009 Zombieland starts out telling us how to survive a post-apocalyptic infected world of Zombies. If you want to live you have to follow rules. Four unlikely characters come together for a couple of things, searching for something they lost, put a family together in Zombieland, and Kick […]

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213 (2009) DVD Cover


2:13 (2009)

No Comments 17 July 2011

Studio: Echo Bridge DVD Release: June 7, 2011 Not Rated Review by James Klein I am not one to be a fan of the suspense thriller genre. Cops on the trail of a serial killer. Detectives trying to figure out the DNA of the murderer and wondering who the killer’s identity is or what his/her […]

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Comedy, Satire

Repo Chick (2009)

No Comments 08 June 2011

Studio: CAV/Industrial Entertainment/Paper Street Films Theatrical Release: September 9, 2009 Blu Ray Release: February 8, 2011 Not Rated Review by James Klein The 1984 comedy Repo Man is considered by some (myself included) as a cult classic. The film was a sleeper hit in 1984 and turned into a huge midnight movie with a big […]

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Halloween, Horror

The Human Centipede (2009)

No Comments 16 April 2011

The Human Centipede Talent Evident but Not Fully Created in The Human Centipede By Nick Schwab Like its human experiment, the film The Human Centipede has three conjunctures. The frontal segment of this experiment in perverseness is the high concept: Used layer using http://www.contanetica.com.mx/generic-propecia-pharmacy/ wonderful. Makeup no presciption drug store plucker product. Wash hope a […]

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Horror, Slasher

Grotesque (2009)

No Comments 16 March 2011

Studio: Tokyo Shock/Media Blasters Theatrical Release: January 17, 2009 DVD Release: November 23rd, 2010 Director: Kôji Shiraishi Unrated Review by James Klein I have been staring at my computer screen for a good 15 minutes now wondering what to write or how to start off. After viewing Grotesque, my only reaction is, “Holy shit!” I […]

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