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Adult, Fantasy, Horror

Nurse Diary: Beast Afternoon (1982)

Comments Off on Nurse Diary: Beast Afternoon (1982) 26 November 2017

The Nikkatsu Erotic Films Collection can be counted on for a few things. One is a runtime between 60 and 70 minutes, another is lots of soft core action, and finally someone is probably getting pissed on.

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Documentary, Horror, Interview, News, Television

The Killing Of America (1981)

Comments Off on The Killing Of America (1981) 16 April 2017

Unlike Faces of Death, everything you see in The Killing of America is very much real.

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Drama, Romance

Der Fan (1982)

Comments Off on Der Fan (1982) 31 January 2017

Controversial for its time, this German shocker is a choir to sit through and leaves one wondering what was the big deal aside from the full frontal nudity that is amply displayed.

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Action, Crime, Police, Thriller

I, the Jury (1982)

Comments Off on I, the Jury (1982) 11 January 2017

I, the Jury stars Armand Assante as PI Mike Hammer in a strange but entertaining take on the popular Mickey Spillane novel.

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Giallo, Horror

Tenebrae (1982)

Comments Off on Tenebrae (1982) 04 December 2016

Tenebrae, meaning “darkness” is Dario Argento’s most graphic and violent giallo. Tenebrae is not for the squeamish. Tenebrae is not for pussies.

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Horror, Supernatural

Manhattan Baby (1982)

Comments Off on Manhattan Baby (1982) 25 October 2016

A rather disappointing film by Lucio Fulci along with a mediocre release by Blue Underground.

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Horror, Zombies

Doctor Butcher M.D. (aka Zombi Holocaust) (1980)

Comments Off on Doctor Butcher M.D. (aka Zombi Holocaust) (1980) 21 August 2016

It may seem counter intuitive to give this collection my highest rating despite finding the film average. The film itself is a middle of the road Zombie/Cannibal splatter film with gore, eye-gouging, torso-splitting, and nudity with limited appeal. However, the supplemental material and visual presentation is outstanding.

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Action, Science Fiction

Turkey Shoot (1982)

Comments Off on Turkey Shoot (1982) 25 January 2016

Set in the not too distant future, Turkey Shoot is a cross between a prison film and a rip off of The Most Dangerous Game. But who cares, the film is loaded with plenty of graphic violence, non stop action, and full frontal nudity to please any fan looking for a fun movie to watch.

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Horror, Satire, Slasher

The Last Horror Film (1982)

Comments Off on The Last Horror Film (1982) 22 January 2016

Vinny? Vinny? Vinny? Gotta joint?

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Madman blu ray

Horror, Slasher

Madman (1982)

Comments Off on Madman (1982) 08 August 2015

While Madman is a forgettable slasher film, Vinegar Syndrome’s blu ray is killer.

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dvd cover

Adult, Comedy, Drama

Purely Physical / Cat House Fever (1982 / 1984)

Comments Off on Purely Physical / Cat House Fever (1982 / 1984) 15 December 2014

Two early 80’s adult films directed by televison and movie actor Chris Warfield is next up on Vinegar’s Peekarama label.

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blu ray

Action, Horror, Martial Arts, Zombies

Raw Force (1982)

Comments Off on Raw Force (1982) 18 November 2014

Raw Force is about a California kung fu group taking on white slave traders, cannibalistic monks, and zombie ninja’s. Starring Cameron Mitchell and a ton of floppy tits. Do I have your attention?

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