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Action, Drama, Thriller

Wolf Lake (1980)

Comments Off on Wolf Lake (1980) 09 March 2017

Wolf Lake plays like a combination of Deliverance, The Most Dangerous Game, Coming Home, and The Deer Hunter all wrapped up in one little film.

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Horror, Zombies

Doctor Butcher M.D. (aka Zombi Holocaust) (1980)

Comments Off on Doctor Butcher M.D. (aka Zombi Holocaust) (1980) 21 August 2016

It may seem counter intuitive to give this collection my highest rating despite finding the film average. The film itself is a middle of the road Zombie/Cannibal splatter film with gore, eye-gouging, torso-splitting, and nudity with limited appeal. However, the supplemental material and visual presentation is outstanding.

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champagne for breakfast dvd

Adult, Comedy

Champagne For Breakfast (1980)

Comments Off on Champagne For Breakfast (1980) 14 June 2015

Romantic comedy meets adult film in the battle of genres.

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christmas evil blu ray

Christmas, Horror, Slasher

Christmas Evil (1980)

Comments Off on Christmas Evil (1980) 23 December 2014

You Better Watch Out! You Better Not Cry! You Better Not Pout! I’m telling you why…Vinegar’s new blu ray has now come to town.

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prisoner of paradise dvd

Adult, War

Prisoner of Paradise (1980)

Comments Off on Prisoner of Paradise (1980) 12 November 2014

I never thought a Nazisexploitation film could be so boring.

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prom night blu

Horror, Slasher, Thriller

Prom Night (1980)

No Comments 15 September 2014

Take Halloween and mix it with Saturday Night Fever and sprinkle it over Carrie, you would get Prom Night.

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cannibal holocaust blu

Drama, Horror

Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

No Comments 10 July 2014

Grindhouse Releasing’s 3 disc mega-set of one of the most controversial films ever made – is it worth the upgrade from DVD to blu ray?

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Adult, Drama

Sex Hunter: 1980 (1980)

No Comments 28 April 2014

If all of the Nikkatsu Erotic Films are like this, consider me out.

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Cannibal Ferox cover


Cannibal Ferox (1981)

Comments Off on Cannibal Ferox (1981) 09 January 2014

Certainly one of the most notorious, if not particularly the best, examples of the Italian cannibal film genre, Cannibal Ferox is at least ridiculously sleazy enough to keep your attention.

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Horror, Television, Thriller

The Complete Hammer House of Horror (1980)

Comments Off on The Complete Hammer House of Horror (1980) 30 September 2013

The short-lived British horror anthology TV show from the creators of Horror of Dracula and Curse of Frankenstein

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Drama, History

Brubaker (1980)

Comments Off on Brubaker (1980) 06 August 2013

Robert Redford’s prison drama, based on a true story (and from the same director who had done Cool Hand Luke) is a blu ray that needs to be added to your collection.

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devil hunter

Adventure, Horror

Devil Hunter (1980)

Comments Off on Devil Hunter (1980) 28 July 2013

Jess Franco made over 180 films in his career. Maybe 10 of his films were good. This isn’t among the 10.

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