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Private Vices Public Virtues

Adult, Drama, History

Private Vices, Public Virtues (1976)

Comments Off on Private Vices, Public Virtues (1976) 14 August 2017

An appropriate alternate title for this should be Private Poles, Public Pricks because holy shit are there penises a-plenty in this movie!

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Action, Comedy, Monsters

A*P*E (1976)

Comments Off on A*P*E (1976) 29 April 2017

Ape is Korea’s answer to King Kong – and the American’s do it better.

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axe kidnapped coed

Action, Crime, Horror, Thriller

Axe / Kidnapped Coed (1974 / 1976)

Comments Off on Axe / Kidnapped Coed (1974 / 1976) 23 January 2017

Two low budget crime films made in North Carolina during the 1970’s finally make their HD premiere.

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Action, Crime, Police, Thriller

Shadows in an Empty Room (1976)

Comments Off on Shadows in an Empty Room (1976) 10 January 2017

One of the many reasons I love doing reviews for Unrated Film is being able to watch an obscure movie, a movie I had never heard of before, watching it for the first time and being thoroughly entertained. Shadows in an Empty Room did just that.

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farmers daughter dvd


The Farmer’s Daughters (1976)

Comments Off on The Farmer’s Daughters (1976) 15 February 2016

The Farmer’s Daughter is an odd, forgotten adult “roughie” that sounds much worse than it actually is.

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Crime, Horror, Police, Slasher, Thriller

The Wife Killer (1976)

Comments Off on The Wife Killer (1976) 21 December 2015

A Greek thriller? Opa!

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deported women

Adult, History, Horror, War

Deported Women of the SS Special Section (1976)

Comments Off on Deported Women of the SS Special Section (1976) 17 December 2015

Get ready to wallow in a notorious time period that is tailor made for exploitation and shock.

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The Muthers Cover


The Muthers (1976)

Comments Off on The Muthers (1976) 13 October 2015

One of many Women-In-Prison films directed by Filipino drive-in stalwart Cirio H. Santiago, The Muthers tries to differentiate itself from the crowd with a strange pirate angle.

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God Told Me To cover

Crime, Demons, Science Fiction, Supernatural, Thriller

God Told Me To (1976)

Comments Off on God Told Me To (1976) 21 August 2015

Larry Cohen’s bizarre genre mishmash God Told Me To must have been bewildering to ‘70s audiences. A little bit of horror, a little bit of science fiction, part cop-drama and blaxploitation, with a large helping of heresy thrown in, the film is certainly one of the most outlandish cult films of the decade.

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Comedy, Drama

Stay Hungry (1976)

Comments Off on Stay Hungry (1976) 29 July 2015

MGM’s limited release of one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first films may be worth checking out just for the fact that he plays a fiddle in the movie.

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Adult, Comedy, Drama

All Night Long / Tapestry of Passion (1976)

Comments Off on All Night Long / Tapestry of Passion (1976) 09 April 2015

What’s up Holmes?

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Comedy, Drama, Romance

Alex & the Gypsy (1976)

Comments Off on Alex & the Gypsy (1976) 19 January 2015

When a movie has Jack Lemmon and James Woods in it, it’s should be good, no?

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