Horror, Slasher

Drive-In Massacre (1977)

Comments Off on Drive-In Massacre (1977) 29 August 2017

Drive-In Massacre is fun when the action takes place at its central location. If only the film had more drive-in moments and less talky sequences with the police tracking down the killer, this could have been a much more entertaining movie.

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orphan killer dvd

Horror, Slasher

The Orphan Killer (2011)

Comments Off on The Orphan Killer (2011) 18 April 2017

The Orphan Killer is a slasher film done right. Though there are horror tropes you have seen plenty of times before, the way director Matt Farnsworth combines all of them while adding details to the killer’s motive make the clichés refreshing.

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Horror, Slasher

Cat in the Brain (1990)

Comments Off on Cat in the Brain (1990) 24 October 2016

Cat in the Brain is the type of film that would be perfect to have running in the background of a Halloween party.

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Comedy, Horror, Slasher

Theatre of the Deranged II (2013)

Comments Off on Theatre of the Deranged II (2013) 04 September 2016

Troma films like The Toxic Avenger, Class of Nuke Em High, and Terror Firmer are stupid movies, but they’re fun and entertaining escapism for the right audience. Theatre of the Deranged II isn’t.

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Pieces BD

Horror, Slasher

Pieces (1982)

Comments Off on Pieces (1982) 06 March 2016

This could be 2016’s best blu ray release of the year. Pieces has never looked or sounded this good.

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Horror, Satire, Slasher

The Last Horror Film (1982)

Comments Off on The Last Horror Film (1982) 22 January 2016

Vinny? Vinny? Vinny? Gotta joint?

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Comedy, Demons, Heavy Metal, Horror, Slasher

Extreme Jukebox (2013)

Comments Off on Extreme Jukebox (2013) 11 January 2016

There is nothing “extreme” in Extreme Jukebox. Wait, I take it back: the script is extremely confusing.

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Bible Belt Slasher cover

Horror, Slasher

The Bible Belt Slasher (2013)

Comments Off on The Bible Belt Slasher (2013) 06 January 2016

Thanks Brain Damage Films for wasting another night of my life.

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Crime, Horror, Police, Slasher, Thriller

The Wife Killer (1976)

Comments Off on The Wife Killer (1976) 21 December 2015

A Greek thriller? Opa!

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Clinger (2015)

Comedy, Horror, Slasher

Clinger (2015)

Comments Off on Clinger (2015) 30 September 2015

Clinger 2015 is a dark comedy/horror film directed by Michael Steves starring Vincent Martella and Jennifer LaPorte

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Madman blu ray

Horror, Slasher

Madman (1982)

Comments Off on Madman (1982) 08 August 2015

While Madman is a forgettable slasher film, Vinegar Syndrome’s blu ray is killer.

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Horror, Slasher

Killervision (2011)

Comments Off on Killervision (2011) 20 January 2015

Killervision attempts to raise the bar in the story and script department by offering something a bit more cerebral, but ultimately fails because the script relies too heavily on dialogue to convey information.

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