Demons, Horror, Zombies

Necronos: Tower of Doom (2010)

Comments Off on Necronos: Tower of Doom (2010) 30 July 2014

Even for those of you who enjoy good shock-cinema, you will most likely become numb to the experience.

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Comedy, Horror, Zombies

Reel Zombies (2008)

Comments Off on Reel Zombies (2008) 20 April 2014

Reel Zombies is a shitty film disguised as a documentary about the production of a shitty sequel from a line of equally shitty predecessors.

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Ghosts, Horror, Slasher, Supernatural, Zombies

Horror Stories (2012)

Comments Off on Horror Stories (2012) 11 January 2014

With the South Korean anthology feature Horror Stories, Artsploitation Films adds yet another diverse title to its ever growing catalog

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News, Zombies

Warm Bodies (2013)

Comments Off on Warm Bodies (2013) 07 May 2013

Mandeville Films | Summit Entertainment | Lionsgate Theatrical Release: February 1, 2013 Home Release: May 14, 2013 Directed by Jonathan Levine Rated PG-13 People often say the undead are cold-blooded and heartless. They’re wrong. WARM BODIES, a comical twist of a classic love story, is written and directed by Jonathan Levine (50/50) and stars Nicholas Hoult (Jack the Giant Slayer), Teresa Palmer […]

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Horror, Thriller, Zombies

Ritual (2002)

Comments Off on Ritual (2002) 30 December 2012

Studio: Echo Bridge Entertainment/ Miramax Blu Ray Release: December 4, 2012 The third entry in the Tales From the Crypt series centers its theme around voodoo and curses while being completely boring.

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Horror, Zombies

The Beyond (1981)

Comments Off on The Beyond (1981) 05 August 2012

Studio: CAV/Grindhouse Releasing DVD Release: October 28, 2008 Lucio Fulci’s surreal nightmare may not be for everyone but if you are looking for something odd (and extremely gory) you have come to the right place.

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Horror, War, Zombies

Operation Nazi Zombies (2003)

Comments Off on Operation Nazi Zombies (2003) 06 May 2012

Studio: Brain Damage Films DVD Release: May 1, 2012 Pretty cool looking movie poster huh? Well don’t judge a film by its cover.

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Horror, Zombies

Dorm of the Dead (2012)

Comments Off on Dorm of the Dead (2012) 09 January 2012

Studio: Midnight Releasing/Brain Damage Films DVD Release: February 7, 2012 Eyeball ripped out. Penis split in two. Being force fed diarrhea from a homeless man. Sodomy by a baseball bat. No, these aren’t gruesome scenes from Midnight Releasing’s Dorm of the Dead. However, these are things I would rather have done to me than to […]

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Horror, Satire, Zombies

Attack of the Vegan Zombies (2011)

Comments Off on Attack of the Vegan Zombies (2011) 29 December 2011

Studio: Midnight Releasing DVD Release: January 3rd, 2012 With a title like Attack of the Vegan Zombies, you get the impression that you may be in for a wild ride. Not exactly. This quirky film has so much going on you actually forget that zombies at some point are set to attack. Joe and his […]

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Horror, Zombies

House by the Cemetery (1981)

Comments Off on House by the Cemetery (1981) 12 November 2011

Studio: Blue Underground Blu Ray Release: October 25, 2011 Italian director Lucio Fulci didn’t seem to take a break in the early 1980’s. He directed such horror classics as Zombie, City of the Living Dead, The Beyond, The Black Cat, New York Ripper and Manhattan Baby within a four year time period. While most of […]

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Sugar Hill cover

Horror, Zombies

Sugar Hill (1974)

Comments Off on Sugar Hill (1974) 31 October 2011

Studio: MGM Review by Craig Sorensen When Diana ‘Sugar’ Hill’s husband Langston is killed by gangsters, she seeks the help of Mama Maitresse. Mama Maitresse calls upon one of her most powerful gods, Baron Samedi. Sugar uses the Baron’s army of undead slaves to extract the revenge the police don’t seem capable of.

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Halloween, Horror, Monsters, Zombies

Zombie (1980)

Comments Off on Zombie (1980) 26 October 2011

Studio: Blue Underground Blu Ray Release: October 24, 2011 As a vacant sail boat drifts onto the NYC seashore, patrol officers climb on board only to be attacked by one of the undead. The police get wind that the boat belongs to a Dr. Bowles whose been missing for some time while conducting research in […]

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