Twins of Evil cover

Horror, Vampire

Twins of Evil (1971)

Comments Off on Twins of Evil (1971) 04 September 2012

Studio: Synapse Blu-Ray Release: July 10, 2012 Twins of evil (aka: Cleavage the motion picture) finally makes it’s digital video debut in a fantastic package from Synapse. The third film in the loose ‘Karnstein Trilogy’, Twins of Evil is a bit of a thematic mess but is nevertheless entertaining throughout.

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Midnight Disease cover

Horror, Slasher, Supernatural, Vampire

Midnight Disease (2010)

Comments Off on Midnight Disease (2010) 29 July 2012

Studio: Brain Damage Films DVD Release: April 3rd, 2012 I really can’t think of anything nice to say about this film. I guess I should cut it some slack as it seems like it was made by some college kids in their fucking dorm room. But I just can’t, because Midnight Disease commits the cardinal […]

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The Search for Dracula (1996) Documentary

Documentary, Vampire

The Search for Dracula (1996)

Comments Off on The Search for Dracula (1996) 02 December 2011

Studio: Echo Bridge Entertainment DVD Release: October 4, 2011 This is a pretty decent documentary. It’s not great but it’s not bad. It kept me engaged for about an hour.

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Halloween, Horror, Vampire

Subspecies (1991)

Comments Off on Subspecies (1991) 02 October 2011

Studio: Full Moon Entertainment Blu Ray Release: August 16, 2011 For it’s 20th Anniversary, Full Moon Entertainment has put out on their own label one of their biggest hits from the early 1990’s. While Full Moon is mostly known for Puppet Master, Subspecies was a huge hit when released straight to video back in 1991, […]

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Action, Horror, Vampire

From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

Comments Off on From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) 26 June 2011

Studio: Echo Bridge/Dimension/Miramax Theatrical Release: January 19, 1996 Blu Ray Release: May 3, 2011 R Review by James Klein I have a very fond memory of seeing this film when it was first released 15 years ago (that hurt writing that). I remember anxiously awaiting to see the writer/director of Pulp Fiction star in a […]

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Salem's Lot (1979) Film Poster

Horror, Television, Thriller, Vampire

Salem’s Lot (1979)

Comments Off on Salem’s Lot (1979) 08 May 2011

Salem’s Lot (1979) Warner Brothers Television Miniseries Movie Air Date Fall 1979 Director: Toby Hooper Review by Adam Bielawski “Boom Boom Bonnie” that is the one thing that sticks in my head from Salem’s Lot. I just cannot keep a chuckle from happening since I watched the move for the first time. Yes, I really […]

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Count Yorga, Vampire, 1970

Halloween, Horror, Horror Classic, Monsters, Vampire

Count Yorga, Vampire (1970)

Comments Off on Count Yorga, Vampire (1970) 04 November 2010

American International Pictures / MGM Studios Theatrical Release Date: 1970 Director: Bob Kelljan Review by James Klien Before vampires became sexy and cool, they used to be scary. Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee did it best but every once in awhile a vampire film would pop up that would surprise me at how good it […]

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Suck (2009)

Comedy, Halloween, Vampire

Suck (2009)

Comments Off on Suck (2009) 24 October 2010

E1 Entertainment | Capri Films Theatrical Release Date: September 11, 2009 Home Release Date: September 28, 2010 Director: Rob Stefaniuk Rated R Review by James Klein After a struggling rock band’s (I use “rock” loosly) manger leaves, the lone female of the band decides to not stay with her bandmates for the night but chooses […]

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