the mask

Ghosts, Horror, Supernatural

The Mask (1961)

Comments Off on The Mask (1961) 14 February 2016

Kino Lorber and 3-D Film Archive have given fans an absolutely stunning A/V presentation of The Mask in 3D.

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Demons, Ghosts, History, Horror, Supernatural

Morituris (2011)

Comments Off on Morituris (2011) 17 January 2016

While the idea of a gladiator ghost movie sounds interesting, Morituris misses the mark by trying too hard to be shocking/extreme which results in being a boring film.

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Get Mean cover

Action, Comedy, Ghosts, Satire, Western

Get Mean (1975)

Comments Off on Get Mean (1975) 13 January 2016

Blue Underground finally gives a proper release to the final film in the ‘Stranger’ series.

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Seven Women For Satan Cover

Crime, Fantasy, Ghosts, Supernatural, Thriller

Seven Women For Satan (1976)

Comments Off on Seven Women For Satan (1976) 02 November 2014

When I close my eyes and try to imagine all of the excesses and cliche’s of euro-horror, what I imagine isn’t too far off from Seven Women for Satan. You’ve got a dream like ‘narrative’ that jumps through time, copious nudity and Howard Vernon playing a butler. If that sounds like a good time, then […]

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Black Devil Doll 1

Comedy, Ghosts, Horror, Supernatural

Black Devil Doll From Hell/Tales From The QuadeD Zone (1984,1987)

Comments Off on Black Devil Doll From Hell/Tales From The QuadeD Zone (1984,1987) 07 February 2014

If you like your terror adult and strong Welcome here, you can’t go wrong Dolls will kill, the dead will too It’s all right here to entertain you!

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Ghosts, Horror, Slasher, Supernatural, Zombies

Horror Stories (2012)

Comments Off on Horror Stories (2012) 11 January 2014

With the South Korean anthology feature Horror Stories, Artsploitation Films adds yet another diverse title to its ever growing catalog

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Ghosts, Horror, Supernatural

The Dungeon of Harrow / Death By Invitation (1962 / 1971)

Comments Off on The Dungeon of Harrow / Death By Invitation (1962 / 1971) 20 August 2013

The cardinal sin of every movie is not just broken once, but twice.

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Ghosts, Supernatural, Thriller

Shadow People (2013)

No Comments 17 April 2013

Studio: Anchor Bay Blu Ray Release: March 19, 2013 What could have been a neat, 30 minute Twilight Zone type episode soon turns into a 90 minute snoozefest.

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Ghosts, Horror, Supernatural

The Dead Want Women (2012)

No Comments 27 May 2012

Studio: Full Moon Entertainment DVD Release: May 1, 2012 The first 20 minutes of The Dead Want Women has lots of nudity and Eric Roberts grabbing butts and boobs. The rest of the film is just sleep inducing.

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Documentary, Ghosts, Television

Ghost Stories (2011)

No Comments 31 July 2011

Studio: Echo Bridge Entertainment DVD Release: June 14, 2011 Not Rated Review by James Klein Thanks to the popularity of films like Paranormal Activity and T.V. shows like “Ghost Hunters” and “Celebrity Ghost Stories”, the paranormal and the unexplained have become the “in” thing with certain horror buffs. Dan T. Hall’s four made for T.V. […]

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