Biography, Documentary, History

JFK: A New World Order (2013)

Comments Off on JFK: A New World Order (2013) 30 January 2014

With so many options should anyone really care if one more JFK documentary series saturates the market?

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Adventure, History, War

The Great Escape (1963)

Comments Off on The Great Escape (1963) 15 December 2013

The epic war classic is now on blu ray!

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Manson family blu ray

Biography, Crime, Drama, History, Horror

The Manson Family (2003)

Comments Off on The Manson Family (2003) 24 November 2013

Independent film maker Jim Van Bebber’s portray of the Manson Family is a unique take on the men and women who allowed themselves to be manipulated by Charles Manson.

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Drama, History

The Sack of Rome (1992)

Comments Off on The Sack of Rome (1992) 17 November 2013

While it is always good to see Franco Nero in just about anything, The Sack of Rome may make you think twice.

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Hitler – The Rise of Evil (2003)

Biography, Drama, History, Made for TV Movie, Television

Hitler – The Rise of Evil (2003)

Comments Off on Hitler – The Rise of Evil (2003) 25 October 2013

Just about any credible book on AH will shed more light into the history and persona of AH than this movie ever can.

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Pit & the Pendulum cover

History, Horror

The Pit & The Pendulum (1991)

Comments Off on The Pit & The Pendulum (1991) 08 October 2013

Very loosely based on the short story by literary legend Edgar Allen Poe, Stuart Gordon’s The Pit and the Pendulum is a looney hodge-podge of vaguely political/religious posturing and early ‘90s video exploitation.

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Viva Zapata cover

Biography, Drama, History, Western

Viva Zapata! (1952)

Comments Off on Viva Zapata! (1952) 23 September 2013

So, Marlon Brando playing a Mexican huh? OK, sure.

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Foyle's War - TV Miniseries

Action, Crime, Drama, History, News, Police, Television, War

Foyle’s War New Episodes Air in September

Comments Off on Foyle’s War New Episodes Air in September 01 September 2013

The universally acclaimed hit series Foyle’s War returns with three new mysteries this September to DVD/Blu-ray

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Drama, History

Brubaker (1980)

Comments Off on Brubaker (1980) 06 August 2013

Robert Redford’s prison drama, based on a true story (and from the same director who had done Cool Hand Luke) is a blu ray that needs to be added to your collection.

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Drama, History

One Night With the King (2006)

Comments Off on One Night With the King (2006) 09 May 2013

Studio: 20th Century Fox Blu Ray Release: March 5, 2013 Historical account on the Jewish woman who had become Queen while trying to save her own people is more boring than watching paint dry.

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Lincoln Cover

Drama, History

Lincoln (2012)

Comments Off on Lincoln (2012) 21 April 2013

Studio: 20th Century Fox / DreamWorks Blu Ray Release: March 26, 2013 You’ll need a least three energy drinks in your system to prepare for Lincoln.

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Drama, History

Titanic (1953)

Comments Off on Titanic (1953) 10 February 2013

Studio: 20th Century Fox Blu Ray Release: January 15, 2013 This moving story of a husband and wife whose marriage is all but over, set on the Titanic is a film that I highly recommend worth checking out. And please, don’t compare it to the 1997 version!

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