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Blood and Steel (1959)

Comments Off on Blood and Steel (1959) 17 June 2014

Low budget WWII film may be worth a look for fans of the genre. Others may be turned off by the bland direction and poorly written script.

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Adventure, History, War

The Great Escape (1963)

Comments Off on The Great Escape (1963) 15 December 2013

The epic war classic is now on blu ray!

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Inglorious Bastards

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Memorial Day, War

The Inglorious Bastards (1978)

Comments Off on The Inglorious Bastards (1978) 27 October 2013

The Inglorious Bastards is a hard movie not to enjoy.

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Foyle's War - TV Miniseries

Action, Crime, Drama, History, News, Police, Television, War

Foyle’s War New Episodes Air in September

Comments Off on Foyle’s War New Episodes Air in September 01 September 2013

The universally acclaimed hit series Foyle’s War returns with three new mysteries this September to DVD/Blu-ray

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Drama, War

The Odd Angry Shot (1979)

Comments Off on The Odd Angry Shot (1979) 19 August 2013

The Odd Angry Shot is not really about the Australians, politics, any specific battle, or even the conflict at large. At its core it’s about the men who served and what they endure together to survive.

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Fairy In A cage cover

Adult, War

Fairy In A Cage (1977)

Comments Off on Fairy In A Cage (1977) 15 July 2013

Well, looks like it’s time for more Nikkatsu lunacy. This time we’re off to World War II with 1977’s Fairy In A Cage, a mostly serious, borderline art film full of bondage, a little bit of peeing (of course) and an enema.

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new cover

Action, Memorial Day, War

The Wild Geese (1978)

Comments Off on The Wild Geese (1978) 23 June 2013

Maybe Sylvester Stallone should take a look at this film before he makes Expendables 3 to try and get it right.

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red sc

Action, War

Red Scorpion (1988)

Comments Off on Red Scorpion (1988) 08 July 2012

Studio: Synapse Blu Ray Release: June 12, 2012 Dolph Lundgren plays a soft spoken murdering Russian. No, it’s not Rocky IV, it’s Red Scorpion. Directed by the man who gave us The Prowler and Invasion USA.

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Hornet's Nest cover

Action, War

Hornet’s Nest (1970)

Comments Off on Hornet’s Nest (1970) 16 May 2012

Studio: MGM DVD-R Release: March 27th, 2012 Rock Hudson plays an American soldier sent in to blow up a Nazi dam. As his platoon parachutes in they are ambushed by the Nazis and gunned out of the sky. Rock Hudson is the only one to survive, of course, but is knocked unconscious. He is saved […]

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Horror, War, Zombies

Operation Nazi Zombies (2003)

Comments Off on Operation Nazi Zombies (2003) 06 May 2012

Studio: Brain Damage Films DVD Release: May 1, 2012 Pretty cool looking movie poster huh? Well don’t judge a film by its cover.

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Action, Thriller, War

Thou Shalt Not Kill…Except (1985)

Comments Off on Thou Shalt Not Kill…Except (1985) 23 April 2012

Studio: Synapse Blu Ray Release: April 10, 2012 Ever wonder what it would be like to watch the U.S. Marines fight The Manson Family?

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The Siege of Firebase Gloria (1989)

Comments Off on The Siege of Firebase Gloria (1989) 15 April 2012

Studio: MGM DVD-R Release: March 13, 2012 R. Lee Ermey and “Spicy” Wings Hauser in a gory, action-packed Vietnam movie. Guys…if you don’t see this one, throw in your man card.

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