42nd Street Blu-Ray cover

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42nd Street Forever: Blu-Ray Edition

No Comments 07 June 2012

Studio: Synapse Blu-Ray Release: May 8th, 2012 So here we have Synapse’s first 42nd Street Forever collection on Blu-Ray and it’s called 42nd Street Forever: Blu-Ray Edition (naturally). The series, if your just getting caught up, is made up of various exploitation trailers from the ‘50s through the ‘80s, though heavily skewed towards the ‘70s […]

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Action, Martial Arts

Pray For Death (1985)

No Comments 15 April 2012

Studio: MGM DVD-R Release: March 13, 2012 Shooting stars, machine guns, gangsters, chainsaws…the 1980’s really loved its over the top ninja movies.

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Action, Martial Arts

Shades of a Killer (2012)

No Comments 13 March 2012

Studio: Brain Damage Films DVD Release: March 6, 2012 While the DVD cover looks like a professionally made action film, Shades of a Killer is anything but.

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Bruce Lee 1

Documentary, Martial Arts, Television

I Am Bruce Lee (2012)

No Comments 10 February 2012

Studio: Network Entertainment Theatrical Release: Feb. 9th, 2012 So it seems that a majority of the film is made up of these celebrity interviews. Beyond that though there really isn’t anything all that new here. At this point, Bruce Lee’s life has been gone over with a fine toothed comb. So, if you’ve seen one […]

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Supercop/Twin Dragons Double Feature (1996 AND 1999)

No Comments 11 July 2011

Studio: Echo Bridge/Miramax Blu Ray Release: May 15, 2011 R/PG-13 Review by James Klein Echo Bridge has put out two Jackie Chan martial arts/comedy on blu ray for the first time together. First: Supercop (1996) Supercop in actuality is really the third installment to the Hong Kong action/comedy Police Story series. The film was released […]

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Action, Martial Arts

The Deadly Duo (1971)

No Comments 07 April 2011

Studio: Tokyo Shock/Media Blasters/Shaw Brothers Theatrical Release: December 1971 Blu Ray Release: May 2010 Not Rated Review by James Klein Being a huge fan of chop socky/kung fu films in the glorious 1970’s, I was thrilled when a lot of martial arts films started to get re-released on DVD in the late 90’s and early […]

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