Adult, Comedy, Drama, Romance

The Voyeur (1994)

Comments Off on The Voyeur (1994) 07 February 2016

The well directed soft core feature is just an excuse to have one sex scene after another without any real story to back up the talent behind the camera.

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hitch hike blu ray

Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

Hitch-Hike (1977)

Comments Off on Hitch-Hike (1977) 06 February 2016

This little thriller mixed with some touches of dark humor, is a road picture that is sure to please fans of the genre. But will Raro’s recent blu ray release please fans of this movie?

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Highway to Hell on Blu-Ray from Kino

Comments Off on Highway to Hell on Blu-Ray from Kino 03 February 2016

So, Kino just sent along this short promo video for their recently released Blu-Ray of the cult film Highway to Hell. I remember renting this one on VHS back in the early ’90s (RIP Movietime) and liking it.  I would be interested in revisiting it to see if it still holds up.  We haven’t received […]

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Pro-Wrestlers vs Zombies cover

Horror, Sports, Zombies

Pro-Wrestlers vs Zombies (2014)

Comments Off on Pro-Wrestlers vs Zombies (2014) 03 February 2016

I hate this film.

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play motel

Crime, Giallo, Horror, Romance, Thriller

Play Motel (1979)

Comments Off on Play Motel (1979) 29 January 2016

Tette e culo. That would be Italian for tits and ass, which this movie delivers in big heaping helpings like a plate of fur-silli pasta.

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Pieces BD


Press Release – Pieces Coming to Blu Ray from Grindhouse!

Comments Off on Press Release – Pieces Coming to Blu Ray from Grindhouse! 27 January 2016

Grindhouse release of the blu ray Pieces containing two versions of the film!

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Action, Science Fiction

Turkey Shoot (1982)

Comments Off on Turkey Shoot (1982) 25 January 2016

Set in the not too distant future, Turkey Shoot is a cross between a prison film and a rip off of The Most Dangerous Game. But who cares, the film is loaded with plenty of graphic violence, non stop action, and full frontal nudity to please any fan looking for a fun movie to watch.

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Horror, Satire, Slasher

The Last Horror Film (1982)

Comments Off on The Last Horror Film (1982) 22 January 2016

Vinny? Vinny? Vinny? Gotta joint?

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Fantastic-Champagne Orgy cover


Fantastic Orgy / Champagne Orgy (1978)

Comments Off on Fantastic Orgy / Champagne Orgy (1978) 20 January 2016

Both films are a good lessen in filmmaking frugality.

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Demons, Ghosts, History, Horror, Supernatural

Morituris (2011)

Comments Off on Morituris (2011) 17 January 2016

While the idea of a gladiator ghost movie sounds interesting, Morituris misses the mark by trying too hard to be shocking/extreme which results in being a boring film.

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Horror, Zombies

Sick: Survive the Night (2012)

Comments Off on Sick: Survive the Night (2012) 15 January 2016

Why doesn’t the formula work for Sick: Survive the Night? Because the director fails to shape the way we feel about this world and the characters within it.

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Get Mean cover

Action, Comedy, Ghosts, Satire, Western

Get Mean (1975)

Comments Off on Get Mean (1975) 13 January 2016

Blue Underground finally gives a proper release to the final film in the ‘Stranger’ series.

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