Masks (2016)

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Studio: Reel Gore Releasing

Theatrical Release: July 28, 2011 (limited, Slovenia)

Blu Ray Release: September 13, 2016

Director: Andreas Marschall

Not Rated

Review by Vidal Granandos

With Halloween upon, everyone is either outside trick or treating or inside watching a marathon of scary movies. Unfortunately Masks is one title you shouldn’t be picking up this holiday.

Stella (Susen Ermich) is a young actress trying to live out her dream. After an audition for a play, she is offered a chance to study at a private school for acting. Upon her arrival Stella can quickly sense there’s a dark presence lurking at the school. The school teaches an intense form of method acting called the Gduela base on a famous actor who pioneered it. Pupils who partake in this must surrender their will completely to the teacher. It’s believed in doing so you can become a great actor since you live in the moment of your emotions. In reality the teachers brainwash the gullible students by giving them LSD and mescaline while torturing them into the cult.

Masks murder scenes are brutal and some of the most eye cringing moments I’ve seen in a film in a long time. For example, a young girl is trapped in a house with the masked killer. Realizing there’s no escape, she takes a pair of open scissors and stabs herself in the neck. If that wasn’t bad enough she snips the scissors shut cutting her jugular. Just the fact she still had the state of mind to snip the scissors shut makes the viewer feels it in their throat. Another great murder moment is when the masked killer stabs a fencing sword in a man’s ear. The movie makes a high pitch screech that makes watching the death that much more painful to bear through. The loud frequency may be a little annoying but if your ear was stabbed that would most likely be all that you would hear.

Special Features

· Behind the scenes

· 4 Deleted Scenes

· Music Video

· Slide Show

· Trailers

Limited edition copies come with a CD by Sebastian Levermann, a slip case cover and a 24 page booklet with an interview with Director Andreas Marschall. For me, the music was easily the best part of the movie. Each song went alongside the scenes perfectly. From techno music to orchestral, each song choice set the right atmosphere. There were one or two songs I actually liked so I’ll keep the CD.

Masks itself is nothing special. The murders are pretty gruesome and fun to watch but are too few and far in-between. Sitting through the almost 2-hour boring, convoluted story isn’t worth it. Everyone wants to be famous or in Stella’s case a great actress. However she is simply too naïve believing this will help her. There are moments where she begins to question what’s the purpose for any of it but continues to go through the painful process because she has to see who’s behind this ritual. There’s no shocking twist, no big payoff and the audience is left feeling like an idiot for thinking it could lead to a satisfying ending.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆


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