42nd Street Forever: The Peepshow Collection Vol. 17 (2016)

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Studio: Impulse

DVD Release: September 13, 2016

Director(s): Various


Review by Travis North

The Peep Show Collection Vol. 17 – no need to describe yet again what these are who might be interested. Getting to the scenes:

· A guy who looks like 70’s blonde Chuck Norris interrupts a woman’s masturbation session. It’s a standard scene, but he does finish with some An Eye for Eye facial.

· Quick change of gears into high heels, bondage, and some degrading shoe licking. There are too many long shots of her face and writhing versus hardcore. She doesn’t even look that punished either, more enjoyment. The most humiliating thing is the awful shirt the guy is wearing. He redeems himself with a rare double cumshot.

· A couple is hanging blinds gets randy. She has huge areolas, which is one of the few things you can make out in this very dark short. You get used to a certain level of damage, but this one is in particularly rough shape in regards to color.

· A cowboy bangs a woman in lingerie, but interesting enough after he comes she keeps him stiff so he can keep going for a bit more.

· A couple has some decent grinding, but when he finishes on her chin she plays with cum strings like it’s silly string. This goes on for a bit. The scene starts up again but now she brought a friend with her. Both of them are pretty hot, so this is a solid MFF threesome, and probably the best short of the disc.

“Captured Flesh” – Starts right away with a tied up women getting her pussy whipped. She then has 4 people jamming at her various holes. She only gets untied so a guy has a better angle at her now tender flaps. There is a bashful participant who wears a gimp mask.

· A woman is blowing on the rim of a coke, which quickly gets exchanged for a cock. A guy (therapist, professor??) looks on.

· Double ended dildo lesbians, which turns into a foursome.

· Another MFF threesome. A blonde with big udders and a brunette wearing a thin headband get nailed. I’m not sure I needed to see everyone towel off the jizz when they were done, but to my surprise it’s to clean up for a second go. This disc does seem to have a lot of double headers in it. The scene then fakes out and just ends, making it seem more like an outtake or alternate footage than a real continuation.

· “The Golden Stream” – You know what’s coming, and it’s not just sperm. This thankfully has subtitles, so I don’t miss out on the EC comic-like descriptions of “choke choke choke” and “slurp slurp slurp”. I hope they threw out the shag throw carpet after this one, because it was certainly in the splash zone. If all the pissing wasn’t gross enough, one guys decides to start sucking dick.

· Lesbian scene. Pretty boring.

· New lesbians, but this time fool around in a hot tub. So slightly more interesting than the previous scene.

· More lesbians. They do jump in the shower at the end of their fun so again we are seeing the importance of cleaning up after fucking

· Tired of lesbians yet? Too bad, the next scene has 3 women going at it.

· Another lesbian scene. One of them looks like she has a third nipple on her sternum. Some whipped cream gets introduced but not really used that much. Why bother to bring out the sundae?

There are only a couple highlights in this one, but it definitely got a bit boring at the end. 

Movie and DVD Rating: ★★½☆☆

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