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Private Vices, Public Virtues (1976)

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Private Vices Public Virtues

Studio: Mondo Macabro

Theatrical Release: May 6, 1976 (Italy)

Blu Ray Release: November 8, 2016

Director: Miklos Jancso

Not Rated

Review by Travis North

An appropriate alternate title for this should be Private Poles, Public Pricks because holy shit are there penises a-plenty in this movie! I had no idea what to expect from this, having never heard of the director Miklos Jancso before. This movie lives up to the Mondo Macabro motto of releasing “the wild side of world cinema” because this is an insane, obscure gem.

Rudolf, an heir to the throne of a roughly Eastern European country is bored to shit with his life and hates his wife. He spends most of his time literally dicking around the gorgeous grounds of a castle, his flaccid fannystabber flopping around like a windsock. It is 15 minutes into the movie before he attempts to put on a pair of pants. While he can’t stand his wife for some reason, he fools around with almost anyone or anything else. His wife quickly makes her exit, which focuses his bitter ennui on his emperor father for really no reason whatsoever.

There is a lot of deviancy on display in this one. He partakes in a threesome, with his step siblings. Incest, check. A traveling “circus” shows up for some reason which breaks out into a giant party. Someone laces the champagne toast with drugs, which causes everyone to lose their minds and engage in a drunken orgy. Sorry this is an art film, I should have said “bacchanalia”. What follows is a decent checklist of shocking actions; bestiality, check. She-males, check. Rape, check. Throughout this insanity are officials who come to try to regain order and threaten to arrest Rudolf. He knows it is more of a bluff since he is more an embarrassment to the family and will just air all their dirty laundry. So instead he spends 10 minutes squawking like a chicken, while people dance nude and laugh maniacally non-stop. Honestly a little goes a long way in this department. While it is pretty bonkers, it does start to get very repetitive and boring.

Eventually the emperor decides he has had enough and has his son executed. Thank God, because this just came off like a bunch of entitled brats rebelling for no good reason besides being afraid of living up to any expectations at all. Good riddance to these babies. This reminded me of a mix of Sweet Movie with The Beast, so based on what I’ve described so far and if you are aware of those two films you can decide if this is something you are willing to sit through. I found it a bit grating at times, but then I couldn’t help but laugh at the insanity of it all.

The movie starts with some very soft looking credits which had me nervous, but once the titles were over the picture cleared up quite a bit. Mondo again includes a lot of useful extras which really helped me get an education on the actors and what it was like shooting this movie, but especially the director Jancso. While it doesn’t sound like he made another movie quite like this, this was informative enough to at least make me interested in some of his other work.

Movie Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Blu Ray Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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