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Freeway (1988)

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Freeway blu ray

Studio: Kino

Theatrical Release: September 2, 1988

Blu Ray Release: July 18, 2017

Director: Francis Delia


Review by Vidal Granandos

Freeway takes place in Los Angeles during the 1980’s. There’s a maniac on the road shooting innocent drivers. However to him, they’re all sinners. See, although the murderer shoots random people, to him he is doing God’s work. He is dishing out God’s wrath to prepare the world for the apocalypse. He calls into a radio show hosted by Richard Belzer (Law & Order: SVU) and recites bible verses. Though Belzer originally brushes off the call as another prank caller, he soon realizes the seriousness of the situation. An ER nurse (Darlanne Fluegel, Running Scared and Tough Guys), sees bodies enter the hospital while reading the reports on how they were killed. Fluegel remembers her boyfriend was killed exactly the same way. Tired of police not doing their job, she takes matters into her own hands. If the police won’t take down the killer, then it’s up to her, the radio host and a new helpful stranger (James Russo, Beverly Hills Cop) to put a stop to these murders.

Freeway is a perfect cheesy 80’s, suspense thriller. It has everything that show’s like “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” makes fun of. Cringe-worthy one liners, racial stereotypes, graphic violent scenes, and the music is totally rad. Darlenne Fluegel as the main heroine is weak, but she’s suppose to be. She is the conventional female that can’t drive for shit. Good thing the majority of the film takes place on the freeway! Fluegel is always spinning her corvette out of control. But she is determined and stubborn enough that she’ll do whatever it takes to find her boyfriends murder…like sleeping with complete stranger James Russo. Does that make Fluegel’s character a shitty person? I mean she’s still traumatized from seeing her boyfriend being killed but when a stranger shows her some kindness she just gives herself up to him in an instant. The 80’s…man I tell you.

Russo is the bad boy who acts mysterious throughout the movie so you’re never really sure of his motive other than trying to get laid. Though he tries to seem cool, for the most part he just comes off as a douche. Richard Belzer is the star of the film. As the murderers keeps calling into the radio station, Belzer tries to understand his purpose for committing these acts and actually cooperates with the police to try and track down the killer’s location. He’s actually doing all he can to find this sick son of a bitch whereas Fluegel can’t keep it in her pants or car on the road.

Special Features

· Interview with Director Francis Delia

· Trailers

There’s not much to hate or love about Freeway. I enjoyed it for everything it has to offer. I think it’s a sleazy 1980’s suspense thriller and I mean that in the best possible way. The saxophone solos, the over the top religious killer, the fact that an officer named Rodriguez is played by a white guy, all of it is wrapped up in this this package that takes you back to a simpler time. A time where suspense is all you needed to make a decent movie. Freeway is a decent movie I guess. You’re not sure where the next twist is going to come. With the HD, this is also a fantastic looking transfer. However, like with most suspense movies, once the cat is out of the bag, the film slows the pace down drastically. Its also hard to return and enjoy the same beats the film had going the first time through. But if you’re in the mood for some nostalgia for those type of thrillers, I say give it a try.

Rating: ★★½☆☆

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