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From Asia With Lust Vol. 2 (2015)

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from asia with lust vol. 2

Studio: Troma

DVD Release: May 12, 2015

Director: Ainosuke Shibata

Not Rated

Review by Vidal Granandos

When I reviewed From Asia with Lust Volume 1, the expectations I had for the double feature unfortunately weren’t met. Though I enjoyed one of the films, “Hitchhike”, the other movie along with just how bare bone the overall package was, left much to be desired. Now Troma Entertainment is back with From Asia with Lust Volume 2. Lets see if Asia brought the goods this time around.


Marin is a popular blogger though not a very smart person. While crossing the street, Marin pays more attention to her phone than the street and almost gets ran over only to be saved by a young man. The man reveals himself as Saito, a cosmetic businessman. Saito recognizes Marin and offers to take her to lunch in hopes Marin will agree to feature his small company’s products on her blog. Thinking this will help her career, Marin agrees. Saito then quickly persuades Marin to spend a weekend with him at a vacation house so that they can work on their new partnership. After dinner and some passionate lovemaking, Miki wakes up alone in the vacation house. While wondering off in the woods to find her new partner/lover, Marin gets jumped and raped by a pair of psychos. Soon her getaway house becomes a prison. Marin becomes a torture victim for an Internet website. It becomes a fight for survival as the men try to break her will to live all for the sake of Internet views.

The main problem with Weekend, is when the film is reaching its climate the subtitles totally disappear! I’m not joking. I rewatched the climax to see if I was doing something wrong. Nope.


Arina is a popular model. However fame will always attract obsessive weirdoes. A deranged fan breaks into one of her photo shoots with a knife and devotes his love to her. Luckily, a nearby officer responds to the call and saves her life. After the ordeal, Arina’s manager/sister Keiko requests the brave Officer Gotoda keep an eye on her older sister. The officer agrees to look after her while he’s on patrol. Thanks to Officer Gotoda’s hard work, the number of perverted fans that pester Arina online drastically decrease. However, the lonely Gotoda himself becomes obsessed with his new assignment as looking after the beautiful Arina gives his life “meaning”. As a senior officer he must find ways to get close to Arina without coming off as the psycho he really is.

Adult film star Miyuki Yokoyama returns as the lead actress in both films. Yokoyama again does a good job carrying both films. She does a great job of being innocent and naïve. Yet when the situation calls for it, she can bring out the anger her character is suppose to have. Plus being an adult film star her top gets taken off a hand full of times. A problem I have is she doesn’t do a good job of fighting off the rapist in either film. I know these are films that have rape but she gets molested several times and just sorts of takes it. No kicking or screaming. Like her hands will be free and she doesn’t even punch the guy? I’d punch a mother fucker if my hands were free. Shouldn’t she be yelling at the top of her lungs for help or fight back? Many actors from Volume 1 return in this double feature including Hiroaki Kawatsure. He plays a much larger role in Weekend as one of the rapist and does a fantastic job of being asshole. While the main villains in both movies try too hard to be evil, Hiro goes from comedic to menacing in an instant. His role is very limited in Lipstick but he is fun to watch in Weekend. Like the original this is a basic DVD package. No behind the scenes, no bloopers, nothing. What you see is what you get. There are trailer spots for the movies but that’s never anything to get excited about.

Both movies aren’t very long as which is perfect because a complaint I had for Volume 1 was those movies were a little too long. Even here Weekend could’ve been edited down to be a 45-minute film. Some of the scene are just montages of how the men abuse her. I know it’s supposed to represent a passage of time and how despicable they are, but it just doesn’t do anything for me. My main complaint with Weekend as I mentioned above is right when the movie is reaching its climax, the subtitles totally disappear! I re-watched the film on three separate occasions to see if I did something wrong. Nope! There is still dialogue being said by the actors but no subtitles are on display to understand them. Luckily it’s at the end so you don’t really need to know what’s being said but it is an unfortunate mistake. Even with that misstep Weekend is still more entertaining to watch than Lipstick. Lipstick isn’t as violent nor suspenseful enough to make the movie very engaging. It’s a straightforward story about a lonely old police officer trying to get his jollies. No one wants to see an old fuck fuck. Case closed.

Both movies deal with men harassing Internet personalities. It’s a new problem this generation has created. With multiple social media outlets and websites available to interact with others, people do get lost in what is reality and what isn’t. I like that these double features tried to take on this topic. It provokes discussion on how we should be more aware who we let into our circles. Maybe that’s too deep of thinking for these films but it’s certainly impressive that that’s what I walked away with after watching From Asia with Lust Vol. 2. Oh, did I forget to mention the rape because that’s kind of what this series is all about. The fact it’s a double feature of a woman getting raped by scumbags ruins any admiration I had for these movies. Is that was lust means to you Asia, you sick fucks?

Rating: ★½☆☆☆

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