Sex Roulette (1978)

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Studio: Impulse

Theatrical Release: February 27, 1978 (Sweden) 

DVD Release: July 12, 2016

Director: Claude Pierson


Review by Travis North

70’s porn. Things you should expect are hair, shot on film, and moderate plotlines to connect the sex scenes together. You get all of that in this very Euro production (German, French, Czech, and Belgian input). There are some surprises along the way, with not all of them appreciated.

This is set on the fancy pants French Riviera, known for its great weather and loads of high class gambling. This works out well for our main star Veronica because although she is pretty damn hot she has no interest in sex, just games of chance. Picking up the jack is her horny as hell Uncle, who can’t seem to get enough. It’s a weird way to start an adult film though, since most of the early action contains an old man and his dusty dick and not Veronica. I begrudgingly put up with it, because there is a decent amount of comedy to balance things out. It helps the Uncle has a black midget called Balthasar he keeps around to line up new gash. When he’s not finding someone new for the old man to jack off on, he’s the brunt of comedy like falling on his little face, or stacking a pile of phone books together to puncture pussy. It’s all non-politically correct enough to shut down a modern humorless college campus. The Uncle is also full of dubbed sage advice throughout which makes his saggy balls bearable. One example is when he slips his middle finger into his maid’s dumper he tells her, “No one knows where you sit, except when your finger is full of shit…………. I love to finger fuck”.

There are some really odd scenes in this one. One which I found really annoying is an extended take of a car driving around. Combined with some of the long establishing shots of the area, this almost comes off as a travelogue for the Riviera. If those don’t make you interested in visiting, maybe the scene of people rutting in an actual pigpen might convince you. There is a bizarre dream sequence that occurs about two thirds of the way through the movie, which is a bit of a shock after scene after scene of 70’s squashing. The old man has a nightmare of him torturing a tied-up pregnant maid, then strangling Balthazar to death. He wakes up and pulls a classic “it was all a dream….or was it???!!!” as he finds stray hairs in his bed.

Veronica eventually gets tipsy after a high stakes gambling session and tries to seduce her uncle. This guy fucks everything! He can’t bring himself to go through with it though and goes limp, which causes Veronica to walk nude into the casino and asks to get drilled, which causes an orgy to break out. Seems kind of a waste though since it’s less of her and more of strangers.

This release has a decent picture, and is an enjoyable comedic 70’s adult film. No extra features however. A little more sex with the main star would have been nice, but nothing is going to stop her Uncle from draining his balls at every opportunity. This is apparently the full version of the title which has existed in chopped down versions in the past, so I suspect this will be the definite release.

Movie and DVD Rating: ★★★☆☆

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