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Scavenger Killers (2014)

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Studio: Midnight Releasing

DVD Release: July 1, 2014

Director: Dylan Bank

Not Rated

Review by Vidal Granandos

Scavenger Killers is a re-imagining of the classic duo “Bonnie and Clyde.” This time around, the outlaw couple is portrayed as a psychopathic judge and an insane lawyer who go on a killing spree to spice up their love life.

Scavenger Killers begins in a courtroom, where sexy lawyer Clara Lovering (Rachel Robbins) is defending a bimbo blonde Sarah Ann Gore (Suzi Lorraine). The asshole Judge Limone (Robert Bogue) dismisses the case without reason other than he doesn’t want his secret lover to lose her case. The defendant Sara is so appreciative that the judge threw out the case that she offers the judge a “hot meal.” Unfortunately for Sarah, it becomes a threesome between her, her lawyer and the judge. Limone and Clara torture Sarah and kill her by stabbing her in the head with a glass dildo. Limoe is also very aggressive toward Clara as she is just as fucked up in the head. Her dad unfortunately, sexually abused her when she was a teenager. He would make her reach in his goody bag so she can get a “treat.” This made Clara enjoy the abuse inflicted by Limone and became dependent on him. After learning of her past, the discussion leads to the twisted idea of Limone making his own goody bag. In the bag are slips of paper with job titles written on them: florist, teacher, waitress, etc. Whatever slip they pick means they have to kill someone with that job title.

Agent Guthro (Eric Roberts, The Dark Knight) and Agent DeWayne (Dustin Diamond, Saved By the Bell) are local police investigators trying to solve who is behind the recent murders. Agent Guthro (Roberts) is the chief of the operations while Agent DeWayne (Diamond) is a psychic with Tourette’s. Diamond finds clues to the murders using very “special” techniques. Diamond works with a larger woman named Velma Rodriguez (Thea Vidale) and squeezes her boobs. While feeling up on Rodriguez’s breasts, he gets visions of how the murders happened. Though it gets some laughs in the beginning, the gag loses its humor quickly.

Though in the beginning of Scavenger Killers, Robert’s character is determined to find the murders, by the halfway point his role isn’t really present. He simply stays in his office, takes phone calls, and believes whatever Screech has to say about murders. He never makes an effort in finding any leads or clues. Roberts himself seems uninspired and half asses his performance throughout the second half of the film. I don’t even think Dustin Diamond was casted in his role. I think he stumbled on set and just wanted to squeeze some boobs. Don’t we all. As I mentioned before, his gimmick of him having to squeeze Velma’s breasts in order to see his visions isn’t all that funny. Even though he wants to go out into the field to help solve the case, Roberts tells him his bizarre talents must remain hidden within the department. So even though Screech wants to go out and find clues like an actual detective, he has to stay inside the office? Granted his tactics are completely absurd, but he’s actually trying to do his job and find the murderers. Roberts on the other hand claims he wants to find the killers yet he sits on his ass all day.

There are also two FBI agents on the case named Agent Truman and Agent Templeton played by Kenneth Del Vecchio and Kim Allen. Truman (Del Vecchio) is a mute in a wheelchair while Agent Templeton (Allen) is his partner and sign language interpreter. They are both hilarious as well as likeable in their roles.

Del Vecchio is hilarious as the snobby genius that’s confined to his wheelchair. Del Vecchio makes silly gestures with his hands that only Allen can understand. Allen reminds everyone who questions Del Vecchio’s methods that his IQ is 180. His cockiness stems from him being good at his job. He’s the only person who finds any clues during the investigation. Even though Agent Truman can’t walk, he’ll hop out of his wheelchair and crawl to find answers. That’s the kind of determination Roberts and Diamonds characters should’ve had, especially since in the beginning they were setup to seem important.

The only redeeming factor Scavenger Killers has going for it is the gruesome murder scenes that take place during the movie. Both Bogue and Robbins have a lot of fun in these violent moments. The way they torture their victims made me have to watch through my fingers. The makeup for blood and cuts is very well done. My favorite death scene is when Robbins kills a doctor played by Robert Loggia (Big, Scarface) by smashing his head in with a skull.

Special Features

  • How to Die in a Horror Movie
  • Making of
  • Hoboken Internal Film Festival Movie Premiere
  • Previews

The special features help make this DVD feel like a complete package. I’m a sucker for “The Making of” features in movies. I always enjoy watching bloopers and letting the actors be natural. The “how to die in a movie” is more or less unedited takes of multiple death scenes. It’s different takes of actors screaming in agony as they’re being murdered. They don’t actually give any tips on how to act out a death scene rather just scream in agony. Even though I enjoy behind the scenes features, hearing people scream for 10 minutes gets pretty annoying after awhile.

It’s unfortunate that Scavenger Killers ended the way it did. It’s another case of a good idea that had potential but a missed opportunity. Even when the movie starts getting good, it fumbles over itself to be enjoyable. The lead couple of Bogue and Robbins are just okay. They did the best they could with the material given to them. Eric Roberts and Dustin Diamond are both underutilized. Both their names, along with Robert Loggia and Charles Durning are shown on the DVD box, but are all barely featured in the film. I had to watch the movie a second time to even realize Charles Durning was in the movie. Although Diamond and Eric Roberts are shown in the beginning, Del Vecchio and Allen are the real team that’s trying to find the murderous couple, making Roberts and Diamond roles pointless. Scavenger Killers also last longer than it should have. Had Scavenger Killers ended a half an hour earlier maybe I could’ve recommend it for the murder scenes as they are the most enjoyable parts. However, the scenes aren’t enough to recommend this film to anyone.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ 


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