The Little Blue Box (1979)

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little blue box dvd

Studio: Impulse

Theatrical Release: April 1979

DVD Release: February 6, 2012

Director: Don Walters


Review by Travis North

A hodge-podge of 70s scrog, The Little Blue Box provides a moderately interesting idea with some recognizable faces from the era. Not a groundbreaking fuck film, but not totally forgettable either.

John Leslie is a married writer who fantasizes about sex a lot, and whose problem is that his wife Jen (Jennifer Wellles) is a bitchy feminist who keeps turning him down. He has plenty of temptations, but is stuck with just fantasies. A door to door saleswoman Ms. Azure (also played by Welles) arrives selling The Blue Box. It’s basically a cable box showing adult films, which admittedly is fairly prophetic given the time frame. We are all spoiled today with porn everywhere, but in 1979 this probably sounded as far fetched as landing on the moon did.

Ms. Azure decides to give him a hands on demonstration, and as they watch a motorcycled couple have the literal roll in the hay, they start to fool around on the couch. There is only so much this guy can take before the cock comes out. When a scene ends she has to adjust and dial in the system to get to a new scene similar to how he’s twisting on her nipples. The second scene is a FFM threesome which is kind of average besides a lot of butthole diddling. As she leaves she shares a secret that he has to unlock Channel 69 to really get blown away, but that has an extra cost.

He invites her over the next morning to get another live demo, and this time the scene is a mall cop letting off a shoplifter with just a boning. Next up is a scummy casting agent who offers a small-titted Asian woman $100 day and all you can eat to star in his next hardcore film. She dodges a bullet though because the star he brings in for her audition is Jamie Gillis, who is in a good mood and doesn’t degrade her much at all.

The movie continues to cut between different sex scenes and the horny couple on the couch. About two thirds of the way through this gets a bit dull, since it starts to repeat some of the actors. Apparently these are just some Euro porn shorts cut in to extend this to feature length and cut costs. Very Roger Cornhole-man of the director. Early on they actually show another scene just from a different angle, so it feels a little padded. I think John was getting bored himself, because he starts to demand to know what’s on Channel 69. It only costs him 3 grand (that’s over $10k in 2017 dollars). I hope it was worth it because it transports him into the TV to enjoy a 70s orgy attended by none other than Sharon Mitchell.

The DVD picture is decent, but certainly mixed quality from scene to scene which lends credence to the composite film theory. The acting actually isn’t bad either. It doesn’t have the cliché joke of lifeless line reads and horribly botched deliveries. There is a light goofy tone to most of this that makes it fairly enjoyable than just pure fucking. It might be worth it just to see what I’m thinking might be the only split screen The Parent Trap-style effect in porn.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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