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From Asia With Lust Vol. 1 (2015)

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from asia with lust vol 1

Studio: Troma

DVD Release: March 10, 2015

Director: Ainosuke Shibata

Not Rated

Review by Vidal Granandos

Last time I reviewed a Troma Entertainment produced film was for Mad Cow. I enjoyed the comedy overall and the DVD included a good amount of bonus content well worth watching. So I had high hopes heading into this double feature, From Asia with Lust Vol. 1, also produced by Troma Entertainment. From Asia with Lust Vol. 1 is a double feature that includes titles Camp and Hitch Hike. For the sake of this article, I will review and rate each movie individually while concluding with an overall score at the end. Without further a do let’s begin with Camp.

Camp begins with two sisters going on a road trip after not speaking to each other for a while. Akane is the younger, ugly sister where as Zokue is the older, easy-go-lucky, pretty one. The guys are always more attracted to Zokue without her having to do anything, which makes Akane jealous. It’s not Zokue’s fault that the guys like her personality more. In fact Akane is not ugly at all either, but the movie needs a conflict so she’s portrayed as the ugly sister.

While Zokue is trying to conversant with her younger sister to open up, Akane refuses to speak and is annoyed by her sisters’ attempts. This leads to Zokue not paying attention to the road and ends up crashing the car by accident. Now the sisters are stranded in the middle of the woods with no way to call for help. Luckily, they are close by an abandoned campsite so they figure they can stay there while waiting for help to come.

How did these sisters even have a falling out? The problem came from the last time the sisters went camping together. Zokue and Akane were camping with Akane’s boyfriend Kawai. That’s right Akane had a boyfriend at one point. Ugly people need loving too, y’all. However, even while they’re sitting at the campfire, Kawai is paying more attention to Zokue than to Akane. Like dude, that’s your girls’ sister, calm down. He assures Akane that he has no feelings for Zokue. At night when all three are sleeping in the tent, Zokue wakes up to go to the outhouse. Right before she heads back, Kawai is waiting outside for her. Without hesitation Kawai grabs her, aggressively bends her over and starts to rape her. Zokue begs him to stop but he doesn’t. Akane sees what’s happening. Instead of trying to fight off the pervert, she asks, “What’s going on?” Before she runs away crying. What? That’s why Akane hates Zokue? Because she was raped by her boyfriend! That is one of the dumbest reasons I have ever heard of. Barely the first 20 minutes and I almost immediately want the movie to be over.

Anyways, the girls lock themselves in a room to spend the night when suddenly they hear a knock on the door. Akane stupidly opens the door to see a man who reveals himself as Thanatos, a neighbor that lives close by. He offers them a place to spend the night along with a warm meal. The girls agree to go with him.

Back at the house, Thanatos roommates Pielo and Copro join the trio. This makes Zokue nervous as Thanatos never mention there would be other people at the house. Thanatos apologizes and assures them everything will be all right. The men have tea with Akane while Zokue stays away in the room upstairs. The men get Akane drunk making Zokue have to take care of her. Ashamed, the men talk amongst themselves outside while Zokue secretly overhears them. The men feel bad for getting Akane drunk, but are proud of themselves for not “loosing control.” Thanatos believes the men have cured themselves of the sickness. Turns out these guys are freaks. They have digusting fetishes but are trying to become civilized decent human beings.

When they return to the house, two men have the girls tied up and striped down to their underwear. It’s their old friends Hypo and Necro, who Thanatos banned from the house so they could continue their recovery in peace. However seeing the girls helpless makes Pilo and Copro relapse into the freaks they truly are. Thanatos refuses to go take part of the ordeal about to take place but doesn’t stop it either. Thanatos simply sits while stabbing his wrists to fight his perverted urges.

As I mentioned these men have fucked up fetishes. What are they? Pilo is a pyromaniac and rapes the girls with a lighter. Copro likes drinking the girls’ urine. Necro likes girls unconscious and Hypo fucks with a vaccum. They each take turns making the girls play games against each other. The winner or loser will be tortured.

This is why you pay attention to the road. So you don’t get stranded and have some backwoods hillbillies torture you. You feel sorry for Zokue and even Thanatos. Zokue just wanted some bonding time with her sister but her terrible driving and Akane’s shitty attitude ruined it. Thanatos is seriously trying to change his character. He wants to become a better person and also tried to help his friends see the error of their ways. At last some people don’t want to change and can’t be helped. Hell even Akane didn’t want to listen to Zokue’s advice. That’s kind of why you don’t care what happens to her. Copro and Pilo relapse to the pieces of shit they are and are happy about it. Necro and Hypo are added to the screenplay to make the men relapse but that’s where lies the problem; too many characters lead to a crowded story.

Camp itself isn’t very good. The acting is okay and I liked that most of the film is set in one room. The torture scenes themselves aren’t overly brutal, but the intensity will make you cringe. Like seeing Copro drinking urine out of a wine glass or Pilo making Akane suck on his lighter. However the reasoning behind the conflict between the sisters is very dumb. I also felt once Hypo and Necro were introduced the story and scenes got too crowded with nonsense. The first half of the movie is treated as a horror film, but the second half tries to be an action film. Which just doesn’t fit the tone the film set up. It wasn’t very enjoyable throughout either. Too many characters, and too much nonsense make this a forgettable viewing. 1 out of 5 stars.

Hitch Hike’s characters unfortunately don’t use any scene names. Instead they just refer to each other as “Hey you,” “Hello there,” etc. However three actors in Camp star in this film: Zokue (Miyuki Yokoyama), Thanatos (Hiroaki Kawatsure) and Necro (Shoichi Matsuda). For that reason I will refer to each character as the actors real name.

Hitch Hike begins with married couple Miyuki and Hiroaki going for a road trip in the countryside. Hiroaki is an abusive drunk whereas Miyuki is still an innocent darling. Hiro treats Miyuki like shit. Yells at her, spills beer on her and throws chips at her while Miyuki just takes it. And again like Camp, 20 minutes into the film and there’s a rape scene. This time the couple head to a campsite where Miyuki has to make a meal for Hiro. He cant wait for dinner and heads straight for dessert. He literally throws her on a picnic table, while people are eating, and starts raping her. No one at the table stops this either mind you. They just ignore Miyuki’s painful moans and continue eating. Wow.

After that mess the couple continue on the road when Miyuki comes to a sudden stop. Pissed off, Hiro realizes there’s a man on the ground smiling (Shoichi.) He gets out the car and tells Shoichi to fuck off. Shoichi tells Hrio that he’s hitch hiking to catch a phantom fish. This intrigues Hiro as the fish can bring him money. Hiro agrees to let Shoichi ride with them and in return they’ll split the earnings.

While on the road, the men have a couple of beers and joke around. However, the jokes go too far when Shoichi asks if he can have a turn with Miyuki. A furious Hiro pulls Shoichi out of the car and starts beating the shit out of him. Miyuki begs him to stop if only because she’s afraid that her husband might kill him. While this is happening, over the radio the police give out a warning about a man who is on the run. He stole money from a bank and is armed. It’s at this time when Shoichi pulls out a rifle from his bag to reveal he is the robber. He beats up Hiro and tells the couple that if they want to survive, they’re going to have to do exactly what he says.

The couple has to do whatever they can to survive while at the mercy of an insane armed man. This is only in the first quarter of the film and there’s still so much more this film has to offer. There’s more twist and turns (and rape scenes) compared to Camp. It’s exciting as you wonder if this dysfunctional couple will actually survive. Hiroaki as the married man is an asshole in the beginning but by midway through, you begin to think maybe he learned the error of his ways. That’ll happen to anyone when you have a gun to your face. Miyuki does a great job as the weak wife who’s trying to figure out how to get help to safe them. Shoichi’s character is the joker in that he’s very unpredictable. One moment he’s cool and calm and the next he’s a full-blown psychopath. Again there’s still more twists near the climax that I don’t want to spoil. Hitch Hike is easily the better of the two. 3 out of 5

Asia sends its lust, not its love. It’s a real shame too as the box art shows sexy women holding weapons. Looks can be deceiving and it’s true when it comes to this double feature. Though Hitch Hike was fairly decent in its own right, Camp was just terrible. What also brings down the quality of this DVD is that there are no bonus features. Being that they’re foreign films I understand not having behind the scenes footage or bloopers. This a bare bones experience. There is not even language options so you’ll be reading the whole time. What’s worse is both movies had to do with rape which is my biggest problem really. It’s one thing to be a bad movie, but to be a terrible movie with multiple rape scenes. That’s where I draw the line. Hitch Hike was good but even then it’s not enough to recommend this package.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

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