Hot Legs / California Gigolo (1979)

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Hot Leggs : california gigolo

Studio: Vinegar Syndrome

Theatrical Release: 1979

DVD Release: March 2015

Director: Bob Chinn


Review by James Klein

Vinegar Syndrome’s Peekarama series continues with another Bob Chinn double feature. These two films are for those that like a little story with their fucking. Shot on film and both made in 1979, this double feature is a fun throwback to the good old days of adult films; an actual story.

Hot Legs (1979) 

Hot Legs is a look into an ad agency representing models of a nylon stocking company. While that may sound boring, the movie thankfully never takes itself seriously and is a light-hearted comedy with plenty of screwing. Mort (Richard Pacheco from Candy Goes to Hollywood) is in charge of all of the lovely female models but the one whose giving him a headache is starlet Annie Spencer (Jessie St. James from Tropic of Desire). Constantly late due to getting her share fill of cock, Annie is driving Mort up the wall while his photographer Dave (Paul Thomas from Same Time Every Year) pounds most of the models with his meaty manhood. Mort, the utter moron that he is, doesn’t realize that his new starlet is right under his nose and helps him save the day when Annie decides to shave her head and become a Hare Krishna, giving up the life of a model. 

Hot Legs is really silly and while I always love to see older adult films shot on 16 or 35 mm with an actual story, it’s still a fuck film and without hilarious dialog or bizarre sex acts to make it interesting, it becomes dull after the first few sex scenes. Still, there is a disco number and the acting is actually decent and thanks to the talent Mr. Chinn, Hot Legs is a serviceable adult film that some may enjoy.

California Gigolo (1979) 

California Gigolo stars the one and only John C. Holmes and his extremely huge ding dong. Shot on location in Malibu, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood, Holmes plays John Loftin, a hustler who is a window cleaner but also services ladies in need of his massively thick kabob. Holmes gives it good to all the ladies and also has a Mexican sidekick friend who likes to ram his swollen burrito into ladies pink tacos. I am not sure who this guy is in relation to John, he just shows up (his dialog is subtitled) and dives in, sucking and fucking. Just go with it I guess. 

There isn’t much to say about California Gigolo. Everyone knows about Holmes hog and that he oozes thick Elmer’s glue on various parts of the lady flesh. He is a decent actor for the most part and the location shots are rather nice to look at. Even the women are fairly decent looking with nice natural taters and pussy hair that could use a conversation with some scissors. I guess California Gigolo works if you are looking for a straight up adult film without the plot. 

Vinegar Syndrome’s DVD looks amazing. The picture quality is so bright and crisp, it looks like a blu ray. No issues with the 2.0 mono sound either, all sounds good. While there may be blemishes of print damage here and there, these two films look absolutely amazing. The only special feature are the trailers for both films which is a nice bonus since some of the Peekarama series don’t include trailers. 

Both Films Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

DVD Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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