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Sodoma: The Dark Days of Gomorra (2012)

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Sodoma DVD

Studio: One 7 Movies

Theatrical Release: August 2012 (Italy)

DVD Release: October 13, 2015

Director: Vincenzo Pirozzi

Not Rated

Review by Travis North

After running through a string of porn titles, it was nice to mix things up with an actual movie with a plot. Unfortunately it had to be Sodoma. I’ll admit I was definitely not the audience for this. It is a crime spoof which I assume leans heavily on parodying Gomorrah, which I have not seen. So to be fair any of those jokes are lost on me. Not to say that the comedy level is very high here either. Even translated you can tell the dialogue is pathetic and childish. There isn’t even any broad slapstick or someone smacking an Italian lady’s fat heinie for a cheap laugh.

Troma's SodomaThe plot is basically just multiple stories edited together without anything to really connect to them. So this is completely disjointed. One plotline involves 3 idiots who have memorized Scarface, shocker, who want to be in the mob. Their wacky hijinks involve botched robberies where instead of coke they steal pizza flour, or hijack the wrong truck and instead of guns it’s manure. The mob boss they are trying to impress in a horrible gambler, so he keeps going after soccer referees or jockeys when his bets go bad.

Italian SodomaTwo other goombahs get paid to get rid of thousands of barrels of toxic waste, but have trouble finding a place to put it. Another guy is frustrated that his factory job isn’t paying him enough, or at all really, so he takes a side job training Asians to work. There is also an older gentleman who has a son in jail, a wife who hates him, and too much debt. He tries to turn things around by making one last push to be a boss. These all inherently don’t sound humorous, and they end up being as hilarious as an ingrown ass hair. The only thing I may have lightly chuckled at is some stereotypically Italian yelling…”OHHHHH!!!!” Then it just kind of ends. And for no reason whatsoever there is a music video playing over the credits which involves some stupid dancing, a mouse in a coffee can, and a calypso drum. I have no clue.

SodomaOk, so maybe this addresses some real issues like unemployment in Italy. These characters or anyone who thinks this is funny probably are unemployable anyway, so it makes sense. This is shot in Naples on cheap looking video at a ratio of 1.77:1. While some of the architecture is nice to see, in general this captures the standard dirtiness of Italy in reasonable detail. This is in Italian with subtitles, and a few extras. A photogallery with some horrible music playing over it, a trailer, and a “web trailer” which just seemed like a regular trailer to me. This is a hard title to recommend. Maybe there is a bit of “lost in translation” going on here, but if not you might want to skip this and check out some real foreign comedy like Russian dashcam videos.

ItalianMovie Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

DVD Rating: ★★½☆☆

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