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Return of Kung Fu Trailers of Fury (2017)

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return of kung fu trailers of Fury

Studio: Severin

Blu Ray Release: March 14, 2017

Not Rated

Review by James Klein

Only a year after the release of Severin’s Kung Fu Trailers of Fury fans are now treated to more 70’s and early 80’s trailers of some obscure and over the top kung fu / martial arts films. And just like the first compilation, these trailers don’t consist of Bruce Lee, Jet Li or Jackie Chan trailers. These trailers are for the die hard kung fu fans who grew up watching Kung Fu Theater on USA or hardcore film fanatics searching for the strange and bizarre chop socky, martial arts films that they have yet to see. 

Some stand out trailers are the following: 

  • Yellow Faced Tiger – this is the Hong Kong trailer to Slaughter in San Francisco which was one of Chuck Norris’s first films where he actually plays a villain, much like in Return of the Dragon. It would be nice if Severin could release this on blu ray…someday? Please? 
  • Bruce and the Iron Finger starring Bruce Li – always love to see nudity in old 70’s trailers. Is that pubic hair or a tarantula in that lady’s lap? 
  • Story of the Chinese Gods – an animated Chinese film. This was China’s first full length animated film featuring a three eyed Bruce Lee fighting demons
  • Two in Black Belt – a rare, hard to find Chinese martial arts / kung fu movie from 1978
  • Kung Fu Killers – ropes with claws attacking people, looks bloody 
  • The Bomb Shell – cops and robbers action film, killer has sunglasses and headphones, looks super early 80’s and violent as shit
  • The Old Master – this actual stars Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung’s own master, Jim Yuen-Yu.Looks late 70’s and has disco
  • Avenging Boxer – inspired by Drunken Master, this stars Casanova Wong which is just an awesome name to begin with. If it’s like Drunken Master, it must be worth watching.

The trailer compilation runs over two hours and is just as good as the first compilation from last year. This would make a great blu ray to throw on during parties. And for those seeking out kung fu films, this is definitely worth checking out. One trailer even had an old Golden Harvest logo which I had never seen before. 

The trailers do look pretty beat up for the most part but thankfully all are from the original release and not some American re-release with a different title. The only special feature is a fun and very informative audio commentary by Ric Meyers, author of Films of Fury who is accompanied by Frank Djeng of the New York Asian Film Festival, Martial Arts instructor Greg Schiller and Rick Stelow of Drunken Master Video. Meyers is the one in control of the commentary and at times comes off as a know-it-all but given his knowledge on these films, he definitely does know his stuff. The commentary provides great insight on these films along with the actors and directors who worked on them. 

Given that there are hundreds and hundreds of martial arts / kung fu films out there that have yet to make the cut, I assume that Severin will release a Son of Kung Fu Trailers of Fury next year. I can only hope. 

Movie and Blu Ray Rating: ★★★★½

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