Giuseppe Makes A Movie (2014)

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Studio: CineliciousPics

Theatrical Release: January 15, 2015

Blu Ray Release: July 14, 2015

Director: Adam Rifkin

Not Rated

Review by Travis North

For those unfamiliar, you may recognize Giuseppe Andrews from the Adam Rifkin directed Detroit Rock City. Possibly as even the party loving cop from Cabin Fever. I hope to God it’s not from Independence Day. He also is quite a prolific director. This is a documentary, which is also directed by Rifkin, of Giuseppe’s attempt to shoot his next film in only two days. Given that extremely tight timeframe you might guess that this isn’t a Hollywood affair. You would be correct.

This is shot in a trailer park, and most of the actors are alcoholics or drug burnouts. They represent Andrews’ standard troupe, and while they can’t be called good actors, they certainly seem to be giving a decent effort and actually enjoy the process. The threadbare plot was inspired by an old Fassbinder movie, which resulted in pages of what look like stream of conscious ideas and dirty dialogue. Giuseppe certainly has interesting cinematic inspiration, given the handheld shot on video lack of polish all his films have. His filming style is interesting in that he feeds dialogue to his actors, who quickly repeat it back to them. This looks to have mixed success, between the tongue twisters and non stop sexual jargon (an example is a guy saying “groin goulash” as he comes to completion). Thankfully there is no nudity in his films, because I’d hate to see any of these down on their luck people totally nude. He really has no use for continuity, since he feels it distracts you from the plot, which seems like an overcorrection from what he dealt with on Hollywood shoots. It’s interesting to see him try to hold everything together, from shopping for cheap costumes and props, to dealing with actors bailing on him causing instant recasting from people that happen to be hanging outside.

As I was watching, I had to ask myself is Giuseppe legit or cheaply exploiting these guys like bum fight videos, or just trying to be “cult” and make bad movies on purpose to try to pathetically gain attention from genre nerds? He has moved out of the trailer park and headed to Austin, which seems a bit trendy to do. There is no mistake that he is genuinely committed to his art and actually cares for these people though. I am confident in saying that after seeing him clean up an old man after he shit his pants. TWICE! Apparently he always does it, and Giuseppe still gets in there and cleans him up every time. I spoke too soon since my nudity fears were now realized; bare old man ass, dick, and balls are on full display.

Overall he kind of reminds me of Crispin Glover. They both do some mainstream work to fund their private passion projects where they have full control. Glover might have a bit more of a director’s eye, but you can’t doubt Andrews’ commitment. Besides writing, directing, and editing he also is fairly talented composer and writes all the music to his films too. For all this ability you wonder what he could do with a budget over a few hundred bucks, but I’m not sure he’d even be interested.

The picture of the documentary isn’t bad, and strange in how much better it looks from the actual movie being made. That is included as an extra and honestly is a bit of a struggle to sit through. There is an audio commentary with Rifkin which is interesting in hearing more about Andrews and some of what went on during the making of. There are deleted scenes, some shorts, an interview with Andrew who almost looks sick, mini trailers for his other films, liner notes, reversible artwork, and finally a “pilot” that I really hope he did submit to networks just as a “fuck you”.

Movie Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Blu Ray Rating: ★★★★½ 

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