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Love Camp 7 (1969)

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Studio: Blue Underground

Theatrical Release: October 4, 1969 (Japan)

Blu Ray Release: January 31, 2017

Director: R.L. Frost

Not Rated

Review by James Klein

One of the first Naziploitation films to have come out in the heyday of the 1970’s has been given the HD upgrade thanks to our friends at Blue Underground. However this misogynistic, bland, and poorly made film isn’t one I would have personally wanted to preserve. No surprise that David F. Friedman had his hand in this as Love Camp 7 comes off as a H.G. Lewis / David F. Friedman production with the cheap sets, poor acting, and miniscule plot. 

R.L. Frost (The Thing With Two Heads, Chain Gang Women) is no stranger to the exploitation genre but while those films are fun and entertaining, Love Camp 7 is just a nudie film for sick men to witness seeing women get slapped around while being naked for 96 minutes.

Love Camp 7

During WWII, two American WAC officers (Kathy Williams from The Ramrodder and Maria Lease from Dracula vs. Frankenstein) are chosen for a special assignment. They are sent on a rescue mission to find a female POW who is believed to be in a Nazi prison “love” camp which is a camp where women are used for prostitution to service the Nazi soldiers and officers. The women understand the possibility of being raped and beaten while trying to find their target and bring her home and take the mission knowing what they may deal with.

Love Camp seven

The Nazi concentration camp is run by The Commandant (Bob Cresse who also wrote the screenplay and co-produced the film) who takes the two women along with a few other newbies and gives them a full health inspection by a nazi lesbian who is a bit rough with the ladies while doing her inspection. Once inside the prison, the women along with the other female prisoners are subjected to all sorts of humiliation and torture, even forced to make love to one another while a high ranking Nazi officer watches. 

blue underground'a love camp 7

There is one Nazi soldier who does take offense to what his fellow soldiers are doing and at one point tries to stop one of the men from raping a prisoner but when the women fight back in the film’s conclusion they shoot him along with every other Nazi, leaving me a little conflicted as while all Nazi’s should be killed, shouldn’t he have just been taken prisoner or something because he never hurt any of the women? But then again, this is Love Camp 7 a dumb, cheap, nudie film so why am I even caring? 

And that is why Love Camp 7 fails; it’s boring and never holds the viewers interest. Once we see all the women naked and are forced to take some German kraut into their thick 70’s der fur, the film continues to keep showing the same thing over and over. At least with the Ilsa films, there is some action and gore, but with Love Camp 7 aside from the brief but bloody climax there really isn’t much to the film and dare I say it, possibly too tame for fans of the genre? The cheapness of the production doesn’t help much with flats that are made out to be prison walls and actors who just stand and lay about looking bored or zoned out. It comes across as more juvenile than offensive or shocking. 

love camp

The trailer for the film is included on the blu ray and once you see that trailer, you will appreciate this wonderful transfer. The picture looks absolutely fantastic. The colors are bright, there is little to no print damage, the image is clear…this is just an amazing restoration. Even the DTS-HD 1.0 soundtrack sounds better than I expected. There is no problem in hearing the dialog or sound effects or music. Bottom line is this transfer is stunning. 


The special features aren’t so wondrous however. Included in the blu ray package is a DVD of the film, a booklet about the history of Nazi-Exploitation by Paolo Melati which is all too brief, a poster and still gallery, and finally a trailer compilation called Nazithon: Decadence and Destruction. This cheap compilation is hosted by some stripper with too many tattoos posing as a sexy Nazi officer and narrating a bunch of trailers or clips from the genre. I would have preferred an actual featurette on the genre or an audio commentary by anyone who worked on the film. 


While the transfer is outstanding, I cannot recommend Love Camp 7 as the special features are nil and the movie itself should be sent to the showers. 

Movie Rating: ★½☆☆☆

Blu Ray Rating: ★★★☆☆

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