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Gog (1954)

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Studio: Kino 

Theatrical Release: June 1954

Blu Ray Release: March 1, 2016

Director: Herbert L. Strock

Not Rated

Review by James Klein

Five years ago, Craig Sorensen reviewed the MGM DVD-R of Gog here. He even mentioned how he wished the film was presented in the original 3-D. Well Craig as I am sure other fans as well will be happy to know that Gog is in fact available in 3-D and in glorious blu ray thanks to Kino Lorber. I am in complete agree with Craig in that Gog is very silly but also a lot of fun. But I will focus not on plot or my thoughts on the film but rather on Kino’s amazing looking disc, thanks in support to the folks at 3-D Archive. 

Presented in the original 1:66:1 aspect ratio for the first time since it’s release in over 60 years, Gog looks wonderful. The colors are so bright, popping almost out of the screen much like the 3-D. Skin tones look natural and don’t have that pinkish hue that some older Technicolor films seem to have. There is only slight speckling but I only caught that once, maybe twice. All in all, Gog looks tremendous. The 2.0 DTS-HD MA sound mix works just fine and dialog can easily be heard. Sound effects and music are also quite loud but thankfully don’t overpower the dialog. 

Now for the 3-D. I got nervous at first as the opening credits didn’t fly out or pop like all the other 3-D movies I own on blu ray. In fact, I even took my glasses off just to make sure the 3-D was working. Rest assured, I found out in one of the special features on the disc that the title credits were shot flat for when the movie would play on TV back in the day. Director Strock does an amazing job utilizing the 3-D in that he doesn’t just use the 3-D for cheap gimmicks (he does a few which I always find enjoyable, the opening scene with a needle was a great way to start the film) but he blocks his actors around the sets and props in a way where you get several layers of three dimension. The 3-D is done very well and even the simplest scenes of scientists standing around talking about ‘science’ looks jaw-dropping and a sight to behold. If you own a 3-D player/TV, Gog is a must purchase. 

The MGM DVD-R didn’t have any special features but Kino’s disc has a few goodies. First is an audio commentary by film historians Tom Weaver, Bob Furmanek and David Schecter who provide great insight on not only the making of the film but also some interesting facts about the cast and crew. There is a restoration demo that shows viewers the time and effort Kino and 3-D Archive did to making Gog look absolutely amazing. There is an eight minute interview with the late director taken in 2003 when he was about to watch the film for the first time in 3-D in years. A lengthy interview with 3-D guru Lothorp Worth which happens to be more of a career overview as he talks about many of the 3-D films he worked on back in the day. Finally, there is the film’s theatrical trailer which looks pretty beaten up. 

Yeah sure Gog is a silly and dated science fiction film but dear Lord does this blu ray look and sound amazing. For fans of 3-D, this is a must purchase. 

Movie Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Blu Ray Rating: ★★★★½ 

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