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Felicity (1978)

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Studio: Severin

Theatrical Release:October 10, 1978 (Australia)

Blu Ray Release: March 29, 2016

Director: John G. Lamond

Not Rated

Review by Travis North

Have you seen Not Quite Hollywood? Were there a bunch of titles that looked interesting that you wanted to check out? That was certainly the case with me, since beyond a few of the most obvious Australian genre films, I am sorely uneducated. Well Felicity is an outstanding way to start. 

The basic premise of the film is the sexual awakening of a young supple piece of ass, and her adventures on the way to literal fucking happiness. It begins with Felicity at her chaste girl’s school. It seems very nice, but every girl there is super horny. If you, the viewer, are likewise don’t worry because within two minutes there is a shower scene filled with titties and hairy pussy holes. Felicity starts to notice her body, as well as admiring the other female flesh on display. Her narration provides gems such as her stroking herself and enjoying her “rich soft fleece” of pubes. If you were expecting a mature take on growing up, forget it. The closest you’ll get to moderate maturity is that she likes to read the classics. You know, high-brow stuff like Emmanuel and The Story of O. 

Felicity starts to find that every boy and man around can’t get enough of peeping at her bare ass, so why waste it at school? She decides to go visit her friend Kristy in Hong Kong, years before the ChiComs took it back over. The 70s certainly were a different era, given that people are straight up fucking on the plane ride (which of course makes Felicity diddle herself). Today you are lucky if you even have enough room to spread your legs and give your balls a little breathing room, let alone have a wet peach squash down on your prick. When she arrives, her only real goal is to lose her virginity, but Felicity needs to prepare first. Since she is still sporting giant granny panties she needs to do some clothes shopping first, and she’s so hot even the poofter salesman is turned on. 

Her following adventures are a bit episodic. She finally loses her virginity to a rando with a giant ‘stache who gives her a ride home from a party. He tells her “I want your bare ass on this leather” then crams his bone dry helmet home. Now all bets are off and Felicity loves fucking now. Strangers can approach her with the solid gold pick-up line of “wanna fool around?”, and she responds with, “Why not?”. Oh what a glorious, AIDS-less world the 70s was. She visits bath houses, floating riverboat brothels, basically gets raped a few times but is ok with it, interacts with some hilariously bad Asian acting, but does take a few seconds to recognize the huge disparity in income in Hong Kong…..but then instantly follows that up with the deep insight, “I’m hungry”. 

It’s hard to keep up a pace like this for long. It does hit a snag once she is rescued from a few muggers by a young, motorcycle riding photographer. She actually won’t screw him right away, finding out sometimes it is nice to get to know the other person a bit first. She’s not a total blueballer though, since she will still blow him in the movie theater. Good girl. There’s a bit of boy loses girl, boy gets back girl, they learn to screw with real affection, they play in cold water so we can see some seriously shrunk pecker, and they finally walk into the sunset totally nude. The End. 

This is obviously a lot of fun, between the goofiness and the never-ending nudity. Nothing is ever too graphic though, so this isn’t porn. I was already pretty satisfied with this release and the exposure it provides into Ozploitation. Little did I realize there is a shit load more material on the disc! How about a full length commentary, trailers, and out-takes from Not Quite Hollywood (which include the director John D. Lamond talking with a stripper behind him the entire time)? Not bad, right?

Hold on, there is more. A lot more. How about two, yes, two more full features, each with their own audio commentary? The first is The ABCs of Love and Sex….Australian Style, a fucking hilarious take on sex education that has one topic per letter. I have no idea if this was really for kids, but I’m laughing like I was 12 years old anyway. There are actually a few segments that have echoes of scenes from Felicity (public BJs, for example). Then there is Australia After Dark, which plays like a comedic “mondo” movie. There are attempts at showing some of the history of Australia, but what’s more interesting are the segments on Satanism, UFOs, loads of nudity, and general What the Fuck-isms. While this is probably the oldest and roughest looking title on the disc, even having time codes on the screen didn’t bother me. Having these available on Blu Ray is enough for me to forgive any shortcoming in the video. 

I have to say I am 100% a fan of the auteur, John D. Lamond, now. I can’t think of a better recent bargain than this disc, providing you hours and hours of rare content on a single release. This is worth picking up for anyone who enjoys good old fashioned carefree bare skin. 


Movie Rating: ★★★½☆

Blu Ray Rating: ★★★★★

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