42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection Vol. 15 (2016)

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Studio: Impulse

DVD Release: March 8, 2016

Director(s): Various


Review by Travis North

Old Travis’ tallywacker needs a bit of a rest, so it is a good thing this is the last Peep Show to review in my current stack of discs. Get your lube ready, here is what’s on this release:

* Kicks off with a pretty standard scene. The only thing of interest is the very subtle tattoo on the girl. Obviously it had much more cache back then, since the director took the time to do a long close up of it.

* A couple of students get to their Human Reproduction class early, only to find a note on the blackboard the professor will be 20 minutes late since he’s at the dean’s office. So they bang on the teacher’s desk. Twice. Be nice to your dean.

peepshow collection vol 15

* A cowgirl lays in a hay bed giving herself some old fashioned Fatty Arbuckle action with a bottle of Jack Daniels. A cowpoke comes in and pokes her.

* Another cowboy gets laid, but at least enjoys the comfort of having a super 70s bed set to cushion his pushin’. There is a minor theme so far in most scenes involving the guy bricking and going right back for more. 

* Once a nice set of juggs get whipped out, it seems obvious that tit fucking will be involved. The guy has no patience and won’t even take his pants off before he puts his brat in her boob buns.

* Two women treat each other while letting a guy watch for a while. There is some light bondage and leather book licking involved.

* Two more women nibble at each other until a random guy walks to plug away and their now mossy banks. I love when guys just roll in halfway through a scene and the ladies don’t skip a beat. No attempt at trying to explain it.

* Another FFM threesome. A couple are having a nice, romantic dinner. A women in a French Maid outfit comes in to liven things up. This one ends with him getting jerked off into a glass of white wine. The ladies test their sommelier skills by taking a few swigs of his White Jizzfandel.

42nd street forever peepshow 15

* Two couples innocently play spin the bottle. In no time there is some group sex going on. I’m not sure if 3 couples are required to officially make this an orgy? This has probably some of the ugliest people I’ve seen from this series. One guy looks like Robert Smigle from the old SNL Chicago Superfans sketch.

peepshow 15

* If you’re tired of FFM threesomes, at least this one has Ron Jeremy in it. Can anyone pinpoint the year he decided to let himself go? It’s strange to remember him not looking like

* A lesbian scene with one of those old fashioned plain white vibrators. These chicks were pretty hot at least.

* A blonde and an Asain woman lick labia and do a surprising amount of mouthing each others mammaries.

* Ok, so maybe the theme of this disc is pussy eating? Two more woman give their jaws a workout in this one.

* More lesbians. This one is a little different in that most of the time is spent trying to cram an entire fist into her clam. At least take your rings off first!

* One final lesbian scene, but this one has a strap on which goes in the frontdoor and backdoor. I feel weird thinking that this disc could have used more real dick. Maybe that’s why the early scenes had so many 2-for-1 cumshots.

There are also some hokey liner notes from Serena. Warning – I was waiting for the scene from the DVD cover of Jamie Gilles with a ball gag in his mouth getting whipped by a blonde wearing a get-up that would make 80s Kerry King jealous is NOT in this release.

Movie and Disc Rating: ★★½☆☆



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