42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection Vol. 13 (2015)

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Studio: Impulse

DVD Release: November 10, 2015

Director(s): Various


Review by Travis North

I have a feeling that this series could literally go on forever, considering each title has about fifteen loops and there has to be only a million of these smut strips floating around, ready to be put on DVD. You should not be surprised at the condition of these shorts, so here is a rundown of what you get this time (at this point, bullets might be the only way to review these titles):

peepshow* Grabs your attention right away by a horny sailor snagging and raping a woman. Sorry, no seaman joke here.

* A blonde couple go at it.

* A really standard fuck scene.

* A white guy with a big afro gets sucked dry.

* A couple screwing on a soundstage that has big fake rocks on it. The guy humorously pokes his dick onto the woman’s nipple for a bit, before he gets his rocks off.

* MMF threesome. The first guy does his business in standard fashion. Then there is an attempted footjob on gent #2s dangling flaccid shaft. Possibly because he’s staring down at her cummy tummy and super hairy asshole. So I can’t blame him too much.

* Another MFF threesome. You get to see tighty whities on tubby whites, with the guy dropping one white pellet out of his dick at the end. Poor show.

* Son of Quasimoto. Here we go, something different and interesting. The hunchback gets his batch sucked. His makeup and face are hilarious in this, as well as his limp dicked cumshot. I’m not sure where the other people come from, but this turns into a mini-orgy.

42nd street* Dad Is “At It” Again. Uh-oh, not sure where this is going. Two girls are jamming dildos into themselves, making fuck faces at each other. “Dad”, I think, rolls in with his dong hanging out of his zipper and fucks them both. Father knows best. There is also some major fat mudflaps on display in this one.

* Two woman wearing wigs and working out end up eating each other over. They must have made too much noise, because they wake up a nude clod that was sleeping in bed next to them. He makes sure to show them how to work out their pussies. His massive afro is all real too, no wigs for this 70s guy.

* Two women spend quality toilet time together. As one pisses in a nice tight close up, the other pushes her pussy lips around to direct the stream. Then they water their bushes in the tub for a bit, before pouring honey on their snatches and licking it off. This would make the Cheerios honey bee hard as fuck. Speaking of cereal, I was a bit taken aback by the torrent of 2% that shoots out of one woman’s gash as her asshole is being fingered. Where did that come from?? I shouldn’t have to say it, but don’t eat while watching this.

* Two ugly women share a red striped dildo.

* Another lesbian scene, thankfully with better looking women than the previous

* A housewife (pretty sure it’s a young Sharon Mitchell) is vacuuming her rug; both of the throw and the pubic kind. Then an Asian woman comes in and they fool around.

* Another lesbian scene, and another Asian. Not much of a finale. They probably should have saved Quasimodo for last.

peepshow collectionThere are also liner notes that contain an interview between Robin Bougie and 8mm loop collector Leland Boozer. It’s moderately interesting to hear how he started his collection. Less interesting is Boozer trying very hard to sound cool by making sure to drop that he does coke and is a DJ. Shut up stupid, no one cares.

bunsMovie and DVD Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

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