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Burial Ground (1981)

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aka Nights of Terror/Le Notti del Terrore/Nights of Terror

Studio: Severin

Theatrical Release: July 9, 1981 (Italy)

Blu Ray Release: October 25, 2016

Director: Andrea Bianchi

Not Rated 

Review by James Klein

Back in 2011, Unrated Film reviewed Burial Ground (click here for review) and basically everything staff writer Craig Sorensen said about this nasty Italian zombie film I agree with. It is silly and really dumb but so much fun and does feel like a “party” movie. It’s also super sleazy but that’s to be expected by anything director Andrea Bianchi does (Strip Nude For Your Killer  is a perfect example). While the Media Blasters blu ray was worth a look despite the subpar picture, Severin’s brand new 2K restoration looks absolutely gorgeous and carries over all the special features from the Media Blasters disc. 

Presented in a 1:66:1 aspect ratio, Burial Ground looks far superior than any version I have seen. Clarity and colors are the two highlights as the picture looks downright perfect, while also retaining the grain that the Media Blasters disc seemed to be missing. Any print damage that may have shown up in other releases are now gone. Any of the dark, murky night sequences can now be seen vividly. The audio also is far superior than the older disc with all hiss and audio drop outs now missing. The films score also seems to come across much louder and more effective. I had forgotten how creepy and offsetting the music is which I think helps elevate the film during some of the more sillier moments (and there are a lot).

The deleted / extended scenes are carried over from the Media Blasters disc along with the original theatrical trailer and the video interviews with producer Gabriele Crisanti and actress Mariangela Giordano. Adding to the special features is an interview with actor Simone Mattioli who looks much older and unrecognizable as the mustached hero who buys it near the films conclusion. He even admits that he forgot he made this film until he was asked to do this interview, stating he did it only for the money. It’s these blunt and honest interviews that I always find fascinating. Peter Still Lives is a small Q&A session in Italy where actor Peter Bark showed up or a Q&A after the film was shown in 2011. He still looks strange and while he seems to be enjoying himself and the fans of the film, he doesn’t really say a whole lot about the movie. The final and my favorite featurette is about the location where Burial Ground was shot. Filmed in Villa Parisi, this gorgeous mansion which was once the home of Napoleon’s sister was used for various films such as Patrick Lives, Bay of Blood, Hatchet For a Honeymoon, and Blood For Dracula. Showing various clips from these films along with Burial Ground and seeing what the mansion looks like now is really neat to witness, with most of the home looking about the same as it did over 30 years ago. 

I do feel an audio commentary is missing as there seems like there may have been some more fun or interesting stories to tell about the making of the film as well as the location. While most of what may be the most interesting stories are revealed in the interviews, I can’t help but think what a Peter Bark commentary would sound like. 

Fans of Burial Ground, it is time for an upgrade and Severin’s blu ray is well worth the price. Better picture, better sound and more special features with a reversible cover…yeah this is highly recommended. 

Movie Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Blu Ray Rating: ★★★★½ 


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