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Sin (2016)

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Studio: Cult Epics

Blu Ray Release: September 13, 2016

Director: Nico B. 

Not Rated

Review by Travis North

Nico B. runs the Cult Epics label, which does a great job giving respectful releases to a wide range of rare titles that you would expect to be easily forgotten. So he has quite a bit of good will built up to be able to justify a disc like this. It comes off as somewhat of a vanity project, but hey, it’s good to be the king.

I was a bit surprised by a few things. First off the lack of running time. The main feature only runs 30 minutes! The second was that it is 3 short films that try to recreate a monochrome silent film appearance. It is shot on Super8, so expect plenty of grain. First up is Lady of the East, about a woman in Egypt captured and forced into belly dancing. She is purchased by a Westerner and brought back to the big city to perform her titty shaking for much larger audiences. Much like King Kong, things don’t quite work out.

sin-1The second short, Le Modele, is a bit more surreal. It is certainly the most graphic. I think it focuses on a nun who is struggling with impure thoughts. This is vary arty, so it is hard to tell. Of course, since it is art, my half assed interpretation is just as valid as anyone else. No confusion about crucifix masturbation or the nun cramming a bishops staff in her prayer hole though. No simulation here, all real. Guilty self-flagellation, fear of public nudity, bleeding statues, and entering a church totally nude are thrown at you in such a short time I can’t really complain too much. Just go with it.

sin-3The final story is The Maid. She arrives to help out a legless man in a wheelchair. She doesn’t do much bedpan changing, instead just kind of cleans the house in a French maid costume that has no bottom so her ass is hanging out. The outfit is a perfect chioce, because she has enormous back-breaking udders that are barely contained by the top. He leers at her as she sleeps nude, and rubs his leg stumps like a tumescent dickhead. This ends on another dark turn which seems a bit odd.

sin-2These are basically super horny student films passed off as art. I don’t mind the silent film approach, but the folks at The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society show how this can really be done right. Here it seems like a lot was shot in color and just converted to black and white after the fact (thanks to some nice outtakes of just pure nudity, all in color, which I think actually would have worked better). I get what he was going for, but it didn’t work.

As for extras, there are some but it falls short overall. If you are going to release something like this, load it up! The addition of short films are nice, but only one is worthwhile. Most are glorified travelogues of hotels and foreign locations, which really just amount to watching old family vacation films. There is one short, Slime, which again plays to the student film approach of throwing crazy visuals at you with no plot. A woman’s pussy drooling out what seems to be cum, then dribbling out a big old mouthful, close ups of a woman giving birth including a nicely dilated snatch which then cuts to a fish popping out of her pussy, and finally a nude little girl running around holding reptiles. ART! There is a nice booklet included which contains storyboards, but what I thought was really missing was a director’s commentary. Maybe not necessarily to explain what the hell is going on, but to maybe talk about the making of. These days when some movies can have 2, 3, or more commentaries not having at least one here feels like a miss. You’d think for such a labor of love there would be.

sin-4Sin is really just a curiosity piece. I’m not sure I’d ever watch any of this again, even with some of the adult weirdness going on. I can’t see anyone taking a sight unseen risk on this, so consumers who know what this is probably will be fairly satisfied.

Movie Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

Blu Ray Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Note – Screenshots are from the DVD included, and do not represent the Blu Ray edition quality.

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