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Sorceress (1995)

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Studio: Synapse

VHS Release: January 4, 1995

Blu Ray Release: June 14, 2016

Director: Jim Wynorski

Not Rated

Review by James Klein

Having directed over 100 films in a 35 year radius, Jim Wynorski has done a few stinkers here and there. Known for works such as Sexually Bugged, The Hills Have Thighs, House on Hooter Hill, and The Bare Wench Project and its sequels, a Wynorski picture is one you will rarely see in the theaters. It’s a wonder why Synapse decided to release one of Wynorski’s erotic films, the supernatural Sorceress.

For those of you who like gigantic fake breasts, Sorceress is for you. While I prefer my floppies in their natural state, the very opening shot is a full frontal view of actress Julia Strain as Erica Barnes, a witch whose preforming a blood ritual on Howard Reynolds (Edward Albert, son of the great Eddie Albert) who has had a work promotion over Julia’s husband Larry (Larry Poindexter from American Ninja 2). Erica wants Larry taken out and she somewhat succeeds when he has a heart attack and crashes his car, leaving him in a wheelchair thanks to her black magic.

Larry has had enough of his witch wife and as he leaves her, the two have an altercation where Erica falls out the window and dies. Larry’s misery isn’t over as his new girlfriend Carol (Rochelle Swanson from Indecent Behavior II) somehow becomes possessed by Erica along with with Howard’s own wife Amelia (Linda Blair) performing her own satanic witchery on Larry. It’s hard though to feel sympathy for Larry as he is constantly having sex with several gorgeous women, even getting into a threesome. Being this is the uncensored version of Sorceress, there is plenty of nudity and girl on girl action along with a strange scene where a woman kisses Larry’s bare ass.

Sorceress doesn’t make a whole lot of sense and the film was obviously made just to show off these beautiful women and their gigantic fake breasts. I think there are 6 or 7 sex scenes in this 93 minute film. It’s the type of movie that would be on Cinemax at 2 am or edited to all hell on USA Up All Nite. Sorceress is a low budget titty film, pure and simple. It’s poorly acted, has an unnecessary complex plot for its own good, and overstays its welcome. Maybe if I was 12 years old, I would think this is the greatest thing since sliced bread just for the boobies.

Synapse does a great job with its transfer and the 1:85:1 image is flawless. Detail, sharpness, colors, everything looks great and so there are absolutely no complaints with this blu ray release. The 2.0 DTS-HD sound mix is decent with the laughable dialog being spouted off without any hisses or pops. The blu ray does contain two audio commentaries as well. The first is with director Wynorski who seems proud of his film and discusses the issues and challenges he faced during production. The second commentary track is with Wynorski and make-up effects master / actor Tom Savini who recorded their commentary track in a hotel room during the Cinema Wasteland convention in Strongsville, OH. This track rules. Savini admittingly has never seen the film and is drinking a few cocktails while laughing at the film, much to the dismay of Wynorski who starts to get annoyed when Savini calls Sorceress a “porn” and starts laughing at the incoherent plot. Both men start coming up with ideas for a film called The Blummy about a black mummy which sounds way more entertaining than the film they are watching. Wynorski even says several times that this commentary track will not be used. Guess the jokes on him.

Movie Rating: ★½☆☆☆

Blu Ray Rating: ★★★★☆

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