6 Plots (2012)

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Studio: Lionsgate

Theatrical Release: September 13, 2012 (Australia) 

DVD Release: October 4, 2016 

Director: Leigh Sheehan 

Review by Vidal Granandos 

Six teenagers. Six boxes. Six cellphones. Unfortunately for 6 Plots it also has six plot holes.

6 Plots is about seven high school friends who go to an abandon house on the Australian shore and throw a party for themselves. Not only are they dumb enough to breaking and entering; they stream their party over the internet. Like any high school party, drugs and alcohol use ensues leading to a great time until everyone passes out. Brie (Alice Darling) wakes up in the party house by herself when a creepy emoticon with bad teeth pops up on her cellphone. In a deep voice the emoticon tells Brie that her friend’s lives rest in her hands. Slowly, all the other party members wake up to find themselves in wooden boxes. The emoticon tells them there are only two rules: “No parents. No authorities. Simple right? Tick tock tick tock.” Whoever is behind this manipulates their cellphones via computers so that their contact with each other is limited. When they are on the phone piecing together their location, the villain can easily end their call. It’s up to Brie to find out where her friends are located and try to save them before these boxes become their caskets.

The movie has a slow start and only gets interesting once people start waking up in their boxes. We all have experience waking up from a long night of partying where you get that split second feeling of not being sure where you are. Seeing these kids slowly realize the enclosed space they find themselves in is no joke can be a tad eerie. Sadly after they come to the initial realization, the movie has a hard time of maintaining entertainment.

Before receiving the message from the emoji, one of the teens named Tess Hart (Emily Wheaton) calls her dad Gary (Andrew Clarke) to tell him what’s happening. Problem is her dad is the police chief. She literally broke both rules in one call. For her stupidity the emoji decides now someone has to die. The race is on to try to figure out where everyone is located. Each box contains a different theme to it: water, gas, bugs etc. Similar to Saw but in a much more constricted setting.

The problem with this movie is…well…it doesn’t do anything very well. For one thing, the chemistry with the characters feels forced. Conversation amongst the actors doesn’t come off naturally. Sure it doesn’t ruin the film but it’s hard to invest in these characters let alone like them. If we can buy into them then it doesn’t matter when one of them dies.

Another problem is the movie never commits to showing the death scenes. We get close ups of the actor’s face screaming in agony as he/she are about to meet a gruesome fate. But the camera always pans away to other character mourning over their friend. We never see anything shocking or brutal to make us feel sorry for the poor kids. I’m not saying they have to show an ample amount of blood or guts but show us something! Without doing so makes the movie have absolutely no entertainment value. No suspense or big pay offs for watching. Sure we want to see these people survive but we also want to see some fucked up deaths. That’s why you watch horror films, right?

None of 6 Plots makes sense. How the hell did the person get all these people into the boxes? I mean all this takes place within the same night. How was the hacker able to transport everyone in separate locations across town? I know it’s a movie so you have to suspend disbelief but when the movie isn’t keeping you interested you start to think how any of this is possible. Also the emoji never explains his purpose for doing any of this. He doesn’t even give them hints or a time limit or anything. Just “hey I’m a dick who trapped your friends in boxes now go find them. Oh but don’t call the cops or parents or I’ll fucking kill everybody.”

The worse part of 6 Plots is the ending. After weird chemistry with the actors and dull death scenes, your only hope is when they finally reveal who the killer is. Sadly it’s a big let down. The whole time I was expecting some type of big twist to reward me for sticking through the entire film. The final reveal left me angry for finishing. In fact I watched this movie a second time just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. Nope it was just an uninspired choice.

The other features on the DVD is the making of 6 Plots and trailers for other movies from Lionsgate. The director Leigh Sheehan and writer Tim Patterson talk about how they came up with the ideas and how all the actors seemed like they knew each other. Seems like a lie since it didn’t translate to the screen but…whatever. They also show early screenings of the movie to audiences. They actually show a girl crying over the ending. Probably for how bad it was.

After watching 6 Plots, I was left angry and baffled as to what I actually watched. It had a cool concept to begin with. Unfortunately the themes of each wooden box were more interesting than the people in them. The characters were so forgettable, I can’t remember their name except for Brie. The death scenes are never entertaining and the music was downright bad, in my opinion 6 Plots should stay in a box six feet underground.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆


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