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Paprika (1991)

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Studio: Cult Epics

Theatrical Release: February 13, 1991 (Italy)

Blu Ray: March 1, 2016

Director: Tinto Brass

Not Rated

Review by Travis North

After reviewing a few stag loop collections, it is good to switch up the smut to something with a little more plot and slightly less penetration. The old horndog Tinto Brass isn’t some hack shooting in a dirty hotel room though. Like his American contemporary Russ Meyer, Tinto actually has skill as a director to class up the close up shots of pudenda. Like Meyer before him, this is also roughly an adaptation of the early, early porn novel Fanny Hill that chronicles the sexual awakening of a young girl.

In this version, giant titted Paprika enters a whorehouse to make a little money for her boyfriend. What was meant to be just a 15 day stay turns into more of a profession once Paprika finds out how easily she can come and make money. While on a “date” with one of her johns, an officer in the navy, she catches her boyfriend with another woman. She thinks she can now cut the cord and be free, but instead he blackmails her into allowing him to be her pimp. That seems to be a trend, every time Paprika sheds one pimp, another guy comes along and tries to take over. This includes a humpback who has really saggy balls and a classic Brass motif of having a huge (fake) dick, and her own uncle who makes her give him a blowjob while exclaiming, “Your tears are wetting my balls!”. Remember guys, women will say “no” at first but eventually relent to make passionate fucking. Apparently there is no Italian word for rape. This is a good time to mention this is partially a comedy. There are lots of golden nuggets of funny dialogue in addition to the golden showers Paprika sprays on faces. Another choice line is this piece of wisdom, “Life is short, but pussy is eternal.”

Paprika slowly works her way up into nicer and nicer whorehouses, and eventually works her way into finding a rich and powerful sugar daddy. Paprika’s great set of T&A are too much for his old ticker, and he quickly dies leaving her as the benefactor of his great fortune. Paprika buys her old naval friend a boat and she lives happily ever after. It’s all very touching.

Paprika is very well shot with great set designs. It has that very soft, smoky look that was popular at the time. It is quite a visual feast, in all aspects. The major complaint is that it does become a bit repetitive after a while. It’s very episodic, and even with all the various sexual hijinxs it still feels a bit padded. After listening to the interview with the affable, cigar smoking Tinto I can forgive it somewhat, since he used this film to incorporate a lot of his experiences going to brothels before they were shut down. On a surface level you could consider this just some harder edged late night Cinemax fluff, but Brass should be given credit for being his own auteur. Obviously recommended for any Tinto fans and anyone else looking for a goofy, nudity filled romp.

Movie and Blu Ray Rating: ★★★☆☆

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