Marsha the Erotic Housewife / For Single Swingers Only / Her Odd Tastes (1968 – 1970)

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Studio: Vinegar Syndrome

Theatrical Release(s): January 30, 1970 / 1968 / July 23, 1969

DVD Release: February 10, 2015

Director: Don Davis

Not Rated

Review by James Klein

Vinegar Syndrome’s triple feature of Don Davis softcore oddities finds their way on DVD thanks to the likes of Vinegar’s Drive-in Collection series. These films (some which have already been released on Something Weird video) may not be blu ray quality as the film negatives to some of these drive-in nudies are pretty much a mess but for fans of late 60’s / early 70’s softcore films can finally rejoice.

Marsha – the Erotic Housewife (1970)

This softcore comedy / drama is like walking into a time capsule and seeing what life was like back in the late swinging 60’s. From hairstyle to slang to clothing, this silly little erotic comedy is rather interesting to watch just for that. Too bad the film drags, overstaying its welcome.

Not sure if director Don Davis was a fan of The Brady Bunch but newlywed’s Marsha and Greg seem to be the perfect married couple and decide to consummate the marriage before some of Greg’s friends interrupt them while doing the nasty. I was ready for some full blown out orgy but nothing happens. Shame too since Marsha (softcore queen Marsha Jordan) has got some of the biggest flapjacks I have ever seen. How did Russ Meyer not cast her in one of his films?


Marsha the Erotic Housewife than flash forwards to and older Marsha explaining to a friend where her marriage started to fall apart. As the couple grow older and have a child, Greg’s eyes start to divert to other women, unbeknownst to Marsha until she finally catches on. Greg is essentially a pieces of shit as he doesn’t do housework, doesn’t help with raising his child, and fucks his secretary Natalie (Luanne Roberts from Welcome Home Soldier Boys). Taking matters (and penis) into her own hands, she decides to show Greg by fucking other men until the final climax where Greg realizes what a dickhead he is and asks for forgiveness which Marsha accepts. Oh I bet women just love that.


Mediocre at best, this “erotica’ is very tame and we barely even get a glimpse of full frontal nudity let alone actual sex. The production value is cheap, the added humor is not very funny (well the party guest at the end of the film flipping out over needing some spices for a pot roast had me laughing a little) and the acting is lousy. It’s funny how titties make a bad movie tolerable sometimes.

For Single Swingers Only (1968) 

Don Davis’s earlier erotica cranks up the sex and nudity a little bit more as Sweedish hottie Gracie (Heide Anderson in her only screen appearance) narrates a story about how she and her room mate Gloria (Sharon Sanford, also a cutie whose never appeared in another movie) decide to move in to a new apartment together. Being single and needing to save money, these gals decide to move into an apartment for single swingers only. Their landlady is a woman who likes to listen in on other apartments while residents make fuck. The men in the apartment are scumbag’s who will bang anything in sight. While Gloria is an ultimate slut, Gracie is more reserved and tries to push off all the men that want a piece of her Sweedish buns.


This uber-cheap production has more boom mikes than boobs. Some of the women have tape in front of their privates to block out any chance of seeing their thick pubic triangles. Most of the dialog is out of synch or dubbed. Aside from lots of nudity and a bizarre dark ending with everyone laughing at poor Gracie, For Single Swingers Only is for fans of erotic late 60’s cinema only.


Her Odd Tastes (1969) 

This odd movie was maybe my favorite of the three as it makes very little sense. Marsha Jordan stars as Chris, a bisexual woman who is a sex researcher (think of Indiana Jones if only a woman who likes fucking). The movie begins of various screams and moans of sex while Chris masturbates and fantasizes about her own sister going down on her. Chris is a door to door salesperson who sells these amazing pieces of pleasures, cordless vibrators!  She arrives to a home where a man who answers the door attempts to rape her until she stabs him with a knife, thus killing him.


Fleeing the scene, she gets a lift from John Franklin (Michael Perrotta from the Sexcapades of Don Diego). He turns out to be a publisher, and volunteers to remove any incriminating evidence from the scene of the crime. He returns with the dead man’s journal, who was doing his own research concerning the ultimate in pain & pleasure. For some odd reason, Chris decides to take over this guy’s work and travels around the country to research S&M and any sort of odd sexual behavior.

Chris travels to Hong Kong where she fucks a brothel madam. She journeys to South Africa where she gets picked up at a bar by a leader of a satanic cult. Chris is doped and gang-raped on an altar by a bunch of strange looking individuals dressed in black cloaks (until they get totally nude of course). She then is kidnapped in the Amazon bush by a father and his simple son until the son kills his dad for trying to rape Chris. Finally, Chris travels to Tunnis and fucks a sheik.


Wen Chris returns to the U.S. and meet up with John Franklin, he decides to rape her and in a very confusing and odd ending, the two kill one another or so it seems. Odd indeed! While the film makes little sense, at least it was entertaining and batshit crazy.


While Vinegar Syndrome was able to find these three obscure nudie films, giving them a 2K restoration, the films are still in rough shape. Green lines, scratches, faded colors, these prints are basically in poor shape. No special features, not even a trailer for any of these films. Hard to even sum up my feelings toward these three eroticas…I don’t know, they aren’t for everyone and that must include myself.

Marsha the Erotic Housewife Rating: ★★☆☆☆

For Single Swingings Only Rating: ★½☆☆☆

Her Odd Tastes Rating: ★★½☆☆

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