Bad, Bad, Gang! (1972)

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bad bad gang

Studio: Impulse

Theatrical Release: February 1972

DVD Release: June 14, 2016

Director: John Donne


Review by James Klein

During the 60’s and early 70’s, biker films were flooding the local theaters and drive-ins. Movies like Easy Rider, Hells Angels on Wheels, Born Losers, The Wild Angels, CC and Company, and Werewolves on Wheels were being churned on by the dozen. While there were a few that were decent (I happen to like the Roger Corman produced Hells Angels on Wheels staring  very young Jack Nicholson) most were pretty bad and plain out boring. It’s a genre I never really quite got because I always thought it would be pretty simple to make an action packed, hard R rated biker film and yet no one could get it right. Not even the adult biker film Bad, Bad, Gang could change my opinion about the biker genre. Talk about boring!

bad bad gang

Jane, Kane, Abel, and Eve (how subtle) are a couple of free wheeling 20 somethings who while vacationing in what looks like mountains or the woods (seems the locations change from time to time) are confronted by some nasty bikers who basically want to rape the women and knock the shit out of the men. However, the men are taken captive by some horny biker women who like to suck cock. And…that’s pretty much it.


Strange thing about this hardcore “roughie” is that these guys are so fucking limp, babies probably have bigger dicks. And these Hollywood biker babes are actually decent looking despite their hairy triangles. Couldn’t they have found different actors with bigger Vienna sausages? In fact, this movie has little penatration and is mostly an oral sex movie. Not sure why this is the case but it also makes an already dull adult film even more bland. Even Rene Bond (Honey Buns) and her massively huge pancakes is rarely seen as she’s getting gang banged by a bunch of sweaty, hairy biker dudes in a rather darkly lit area. And what is up with the scissoring scene? While humorous, it comes off as the film makers were too afraid to get too graphic.


While I am sure Impulse tried their best to get a decent quality transfer of this somewhat forgotten film, the transfer itself is loaded with scratches, green lines, and every print damage that can happen to a film made over 40 years ago. The dialog is also hard to hear but I am sure the person in charge of sound at the time didn’t know what the hell he / she was doing. At one point the camera noise is even heard during one of the more quieter moments. The DVD has no trailer, no extra features, just linear notes included in the DVD about how this film has never been released uncut until now. Aren’t we lucky?

impulse bad bad gang

Movie and DVD Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

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