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Little Miss Innocence / Teenage Seductress (1972, 1975)

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Studio:  Lima Productions

Distributed By:  Vinegar Syndrome

DVD Release:  April 14, 2015

Director:  Chris Warfield

Rating:  Rated R

Reviewed By James M. Dubs

I’ll watch anything…including Little Miss Innocence & Teenage Seductress.

Once again Vinegar Syndrome Distributors have given us a pair of films as part of their “Drive-In Collection” that very few of us asked for, but we all deserve. Readers of this site will undoubtedly know of Vinegar Syndrome, but per chance you haven’t heard of them, they have made quite a name for themselves preserving and releasing exploitation and cult films. None of these films are bonafide blockbusters, but as a film enthusiast and completist I welcome and cherish the work that they do.

But I digress…  What did I make of this pair of 1970s sleaze?

Films Rating: ★★☆☆☆

TS_1Warning: Soft spoilers ahead.

Little Miss Innocence (1972)

Two female teenage hitchhikers are picked up in downtown L.A. by a wealthy, older gentleman.  After a brief ride through town, the man drops the girls off, but they track him down to his mansion with lustful intentions. The wealthy record producer falls prey to the girl’s seductions and what begins as an erotic dream soon turns into a nightmare as the seemingly innocent girls slowly reveal their nefarious intentions.

Teenage Seductress (1975)

Terry, a young woman determined to find her estranged father, tracks him down in a small New Mexico town where he lives as a successful author. Blaming him for abandoning her and her mother, Terry sets about planning her revenge: seducing her father.

Stars Sondra Curry and Director Chris Warfield.

LMI_1Director Chris Warfield seems intrigued by the idea of women having all of the power and using their feminine wiles to perpetrate acts of rape by deception. It’s meant to be shocking, but not in a PSA, “The More You Know”, “Scott Baio plays a gay guy” ABC Afterschool Special sort of way. Warfield toes the line fairly successfully between twisted, sexy, and shocking. Of the two films Little Miss Innocence plays more sexy, especially considering the male host is, for the most part, a willing participant. Teenage Seductress, on the other hand, plays more like an tense erotic thriller as the audience wonders if Terry can even carry out her horrible, gut-churning plan.

It’s not all serious though. Teenage Seductress does carry an air of unintentional hilarity with bad acting and writing. My favorite line comes from Terry as she spies on her father from the safety of her not-so-hidden car (which so happens to be the only automobile parked on the side of a deserted desert road, and in clear sight of her father’s house). As Terry plays spy, she utters the immortal words, “I’m going to f— you father. Like you f—ed me…” HA! So bad, and so good at the same time!

LMI_2The plot for both films are so paper thin, further review and explanation would only negate the movie viewing experience. Therefore, I’ll simply close with this…  Both movies are fun time wasters worth watching for their throw-back 70s style appeal and exploitative nature. Of course, if that’s not your flavor then you don’t need me to tell you to steer clear.

Video & Audio Rating: ★★★★☆

TS_5Scanned and restored in 2K from original 35mm negatives, these two films look and sound as incredibly sultry as they did in 1970s cinemas. Vinegar Syndrome continues to treat these films with more care and respect than many Hollywood catalog titles and we love them for it!

Extras Rating: ★☆☆☆☆


  1. Original Theatrical Trailers for Both Films
  2. Alternate Title Card for Little Miss Innocence (pictured).

Overall Rating: ★★½☆☆

TS_3Let’s be honest. There is a very specific group of people looking for sexy, exploitation, revenge cinema. If you’re among this group, then my rating may seem unjustly low for you. Despite a weak supplemental package, Vinegar Syndrome does not disappoint with their presentation of an otherwise obscure double feature.

For the rest of you, why are you still here? I was sure I would have lost you around the “father f—ing” part of this review.


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James Dubs is a father and husband who loves his family first and movies a close second. He believes every movie is worth watching once and, as a film fan and critic, believes that even the worst movies offer something in return. His mission is to watch anything and report without pretension. Follow James Dubs on Twitter and send him suggestions on movies you would like reviewed - popular, obscure, independent, etc. He'll watch anything for you.

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