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Dixie Ray Hollywood Star (1983)

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dixie ray

Studio: Vinegar Syndrome

Theatrical Release: 1983

DVD Release: March 10, 2015

Director: Anthony Spinelli


Review by James Klein

Maybe one of the last “epic” adult films with a higher production value than most, starring a past his prime Hollywood star Cameron Mitchell as one of the leads, this adult film about a private eye set in the 1940’s is a fun and steamy film. Maybe some of the best sex scenes I have seen in any adult film, this highly praised pornie is one to check out.

Cameron MitchellJohn Leslie (Pretty Peaches, Miami Spice II) stars as Greek private eye Nick Popodopolis who calls the police after discovering a dead body in his office. When the police show up (one of them a very tired looking and probably drunk Cameron Mitchell) they believe it is Nick who killed this lovely lady in his office and are ready to take him in. Nick begs and soon convinces the police to listen to his story so that he can get off the hook. From there on out, the film is told as a flashback in a very film noir style with Nick providing a voice over ala Philip Marlow. Set in Los Angeles, Nick is hired by a former starlet Dixie Ray (the big titted Lisa De Leeuw) to find her missing husband however as Nick digs deeper and deeper into the case (and into women’s pussyholes) he finds out that Dixie isn’t who she really is and that there is a link to her daughter and missing husband that just may convict Dixie herself.

Dixie Ray Hollywood StarDixie Ray Hollywood Star distinguishes itself from other adult films by having John Leslie perform almost all of the sex scenes. There are very few male actors in the film and almost all of the sex is done with Leslie banging away and chowing on the bitch box. Maybe this is why I liked this film a bit better than most in that Leslie is actually a decent actor and his non sex scenes are actually quite good as well. Not to mention the female cast kicks ass with Veronica Hart, Samantha Fox, Kelly Nichols, and Juliet Anderson all taking a good pounding from Leslie’s love pump. And thankfully the sex scenes are short and actually pretty hot. I can’t stand these adult films that go on and on and on. I’d rather see shorter sex scenes with more women getting rocked. And the women in Dixie Ray Hollywood Star actually look like they enjoy having Leslie’s licorice glide into their meat curtains. In one scene Nick is giving his secretary a good fuck and while his face is completely buried in her axe wound, she almost looks like she’s cumming as she thrusts her hips and lets out a loud yelp…yeah, good stuff. It also features my favorite line in the film as she calls her fanny “angel food ass.”

Dixie RayEven stranger is that this film was released in a shortened R rated version entitled It’s Called Murder Baby. This version is also included on the Vinegar DVD and while I figured it was just going to be the same film with the sex scenes cut out, it actually features more non sex footage of Nick investigating the case and even more Cameron Mitchell. Vinegar Syndrome did a fantastic job in getting both films on the same disc and looking mighty sharp as the films are presented fully restored from their original 35 mm negative. Rounding out the special features is a trailer for Dixie Ray Hollywood Star (but shown only as Dixie Ray, making one wonder how many titles did this movie have).

John LeslieMovie Rating: ★★★☆☆

DVD Rating: ★★★★☆

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