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Code of Honor (2016)

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Code of Honor

Studio: Lionsgate 

Blu Ray Release: July 5, 2016 

Director: Michael Winnick


Review by Travis North

Who is still fooled by garbage like this?   Steven Seagal’s best days are over two decades ago, but he’s cranking out bottom of the barrel actions movies for who exactly? They must be making money, because he has seven titles in 2016 already. I never want to see him again after struggling through this shit.

This is total hackwork from top to bottom. It’s shocking how little eight million dollars in budget gets you these days, unless most of it was pocketed or used to purchase craft services for Steven to gorge on. Here’s the cliché excuse for a plot. Steven Seagal is the Punisher. No attempt to even put a moderate spin on the character, all that is missing is the skull logo. The cops are in pursuit with all the dialogue you expect, a sleazy TV reporter who could only exist in the movies, generic criminals and mobsters of all stripes and stereotypes, a single mom stripper with a heart of gold, and a former special forces protégé who somewhat works with the cops to try to bring Seagal down. I’m going to ruin the big twist for you since this review should show as much disdain for you as the movie makers did…..there is a big Fight Club twist. Maybe. They won’t even commit to that. Then it just ends. I refuse to accept any redeeming qualities from this.

If you were a fan of Seagal’s earlier bone breaking days, the closest he gets to that is possibly breaking the multiple chairs he sits on, straining under his now massive bulk. Any crappy martial arts are done silhouetted by obvious stunt doubles, and there is barely any of that. Action consists of mostly shooting, which drives you crazy with cheap CGI muzzle flashes and CGI blood spray. Needless to say it all looks fucking atrocious. It seems a huge percentage of dialogue is dubbed, while the visuals strain for competence and “coolness” but really just look like direct to video crap.

Do not buy this blu ray. Do not watch anything Steven Seagal has done after 1996. If you notice anything done by the writer/director, stay far away. This is utterly worthless.

Movie Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Blu Ray Rating: ½☆☆☆☆


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