Fantastic Orgy / Champagne Orgy (1978)

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Fantastic-Champagne Orgy coverStudio: Vinegar Syndrome

Theatrical Release: 1978

DVD Release: November 18th, 2014

Rating: Not Rated

Directed by Carlos Tobalina

Review by Craig Sorensen

Two more pornos from Vinegar Syndrome.  This time it’s a double feature of orgy themed films from director Carlos Tobalina.  Both films are a good lessen in filmmaking frugality. 

There’s not much in the way of plot for either of these films but, you know, I’ve got to write something here…

Fantastic Orgy 001

Fantastic Orgy 002a

In “Fantastic Orgy”, we begin with female narration telling us we’re about to watch a great movie.  Why would she lie to us?  From there we meet our ‘protaganist’ Iris Medina (Jungle Blue) playing herself.  Her only skill: sex any way you like it.  She wanders around various porn shoots behind the camera before becoming much too horny and joining in on the action.  That’s about it.  The film is narrated by ‘Martha Sharpe’ who sits at a very official looking desk and tells us that she’s a ‘reporter’.  This film has some goddamn amazing narration.  I can see watching this again just for that.  Just fucking hilarious.  And it has a great ‘70s game show like soundtrack.  Even with these stellar contributions the film drags on a bit.  There is no plot so there’s no real forward momentum at all.  I guess it doesn’t matter if you leave the theater after you get your rocks off.

Fantastic Orgy 003

Fantastic Orgy 004a

Our second feature, “Champagne Orgy” features director Tobalina getting the cast and crew from his latest film together for a ‘champagne party’.  One of the guests (or maybe she’s a maid?  I’m not sure) spikes the champagne (kept in a punch bowl obviously) with some kind of drug that makes everyone horny.  So they all have sex.  Then they go home at the end.  That’s it.  There’s nothing here that was particularly entertaining for me.  The stand out moments in the film involve a dog looking in through some windows and trying to get into the house. 

Champagne Orgy 001a

Champagne Orgy 002

Both films are all about reusing footage.  I guess “Fantastic Orgy” is made out of unused footage from an earlier Tobalina film (Her Last Fling).  You can obviously tell that the film is made up of unused footage.  Stock varies wildly from shot to shot (some of the film is even in black & white).  I guess it gets the job done however.  “Champagne Orgy” was obviously shot with multiple cameras so you end up seeing the same scenes over and over again from different angles.  It’s a quick way of padding the running time I guess but doesn’t make it all that fun to sit through if you have to review it.  I liked that dog though.

Champagne Orgy 003

Champagne Orgy 004a

Of course, both films look great thanks to the stellar transfers from Vinegar Syndrome.  They’ve been transfered from the original negatives and I’m surprised that they were in as good of shape as they were.  I think that they don’t do a lot of remastering to these films other than color correction and probably some minor cleanup.  At least that’s the impression that I’ve gotten from some of their other double feature releases.  Whatever they’re doing, they’re doing it well.  The films look very nice for what they are.  “Fantastic” looks worse but that’s mostly due to it being cobbled together from so many different sources.    The only extras you get are a couple of trailers.  It would be nice if they could throw in some commentaries on these things as I think that the stories behind the productions would probably be more interesting that the films themselves.  Maybe it’s not so easy to get the filmmakers together again.  Maybe they don’t have the budget.  I don’t know.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

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