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Extreme Jukebox (2013)

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Studio: Troma

Theatrical Release: June 15, 2013 (Italy) 

Blu Ray Release: August 18, 2015

Director: Alberto Pogo

Not Rated

Review by James Klein

What the hell did I just watch? Ugh, just wasted another 80 minutes of my life watching a poorly made, cheap horror/comedy that had me thinking: where in my life did I go wrong? How is it that I am stuck watching other people’s bullshit instead of making my own bullshit? I get real nervous watching any Troma movie that is NOT directed by Lloyd Kaufman. Kaufman can balance comedy and horror, while on a shoe string budget. His films may be cheap but he has a good sense of humor but takes his films seriously. However, the rest of the shit Troma distributes is pretty bad. Well there’s my introduction, think I liked Extreme Jukebox?

Well first off there is nothing “extreme” about Extreme Jukebox. There isn’t any nudity and the violence is super cheap, H.G. Lewis type close ups of fake gore that almost resembles paint. There is a throat slice in one scene where it is obvious the film makers took a fake knife, dipped it in fake blood and just had the killer glide it across an actor’s neck. This is the kind of shit I did with my video camera when I was 17 years old. You think that it being a movie Troma picked up, it would have some more gore effects or at least some bare breasts flopping about. Nope, nada.

This muddled and confusing story is about a rock star (Alessio Cherubini, who looks like an Italian Tom Cruise mixed with a little Christopher Reeve circa 1983) named Jessie Cake who with his girlfriend Chloe (the very cute Elisabetta Loi) travel to the abandoned home of a missing rock star where they find an unreleased LP hidden in the walls of his home. Jessie decides to play the record which unleashes this zombie/demon…thing that kills off any rock star it runs into. Why? I don’t know. The movie jumps around and introduces the viewer to so many characters, I had no idea who the protagonist or antagonist were after awhile. There was also some subplot about a popcorn eating cop tracking down a serial killer? That subplot suddenly disappeared once the cop gets killed. Whatever.

Extreme Jukebox is made by a bunch of young men whose love for rock influenced them into making a movie. That’s all fine and in fact, good for them for trying. But they needed to have several more script polishes and saved more money to acquire a bigger budget so they could pull off some better kills. They may have also had better luck in convincing their young actresses to show off their Italian taters. Even the demon/zombie killer looks like a guy dressed in a rejected Scream mask wearing a bright fake wig. One character says the killer looks like Eddie from Iron Maiden. No, not even close. I guess the rock soundtrack is fine, tolerable but nothing to write home about. The humor is also really lame and tries way too hard at being outlandish and silly.

Shot on video, the movie I guess looks fine for a Troma blu ray. Given their lack of effort from their past releases, Extreme Jukebox at least looks better than say Rabid Grannies or Toxic Avenger Part IIThe 2.0 stereo track is fine and loud enough, no complaints there. Also, Troma has given the disc a couple of extra features such as a making of, a slide show, a trailer and even an introduction by Kaufman himself who it is obvious has never seen Extreme Jukebox. I will say this, Troma never skimps on the extra features. Their DVD and blu ray releases try and give fans as many extra features as possible.

This horror love letter to metal is a complete waste of time. It’s confusing, cheap, unfunny…Extreme Jukebox extremely sucks.

Movie Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

Blu Ray Rating: ★★½☆☆

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