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Day 6 (2011)

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Day 6 coveraka Alien Exorcism

Studio: One7 Movies

Theatrical Release: June 17th, 2011

DVD Release: October 13th, 2015

Rating: Not Rated

Directed by Varo Venturi

Review by Craig Sorensen

One7 Movies continues their stellar streak of releasing terrible films that no one wants to see.  Their latest release, Day 6 is not going to surprise anyone who is familiar with their output.  Still, after their surprise release of Nosferatu in Venice I was willing to give them a chance.  Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me I guess.

Day 6 001

So, Day 6 is about Dr. Davide Piso (Massimo Poggio of Blood of the Losers) who has just lost his biology teaching job because of his ‘controversial’ theories on alien abductions.  Let’s see if I can explain this correctly: abductees have a chip installed in their heads (that no one but Dr. Piso has found I guess) that allows alien ‘energy beings’ to possess people.  Through Dr. Piso’s revolutionary hypnosis techniques, he is able to trick these aliens to burn themselves up trying to use the host’s ‘soul energy’.  Sure.  So, aliens are here trying to figure out how to harness human ‘soul energy’ because I don’t know (aliens don’t have souls dummy) and humans are the most special creatures in the universe because we are the only ones who possess this energy.  Dr. Piso even publishes a scientific paper on the subject called “Why Aliens Abduct Us”.  Naturally this gets him fired from his teaching gig.  Sorry movie producers, I’m siding with the college on this decision. 

Day 6 002

Dr. Piso is approached by a mysterious young woman (Laura Glavan who I guess is a big star now on Italian TV) after giving a speech on his theories to a packed house (suspend your disbelief) and he agrees to hypnotize her.  After they have some sex of course.  So, during hypnosis they unlock some super alien personality named Hexabor.  They also learn that she’s some kind of Hungarian princess (or something) and her family is part of some kind of ill defined ancient conspiracy theory involving a secret army called The Kabal.  Seems they are all alien collaborators.  So, Dr. Piso teams up with an exorcist (Varo Venturi – our director) to try to help the girl before time runs out or something.  Along the way they learn that barcodes are the sign of the beast and transmit a signal at 6.66MHz and that they can broadcast that to counteract the alien possessions.  I guess, things stopped making sense at this point and I was getting very bored.

Day 6 003

OK, so I do think that there is a decent idea here that I don’t think has been used before, linking alien abductions and exorcism (unless it’s in some shitty Stargate episode or something).  It would be interesting to see that explored in a better film.  Trying to lay a scientific (or pseudo-scientific anyway) explanation on a strictly spiritual problem could make for an entertaining genre film at the very least, especially now with the glut of exorcism and demon possession films.  Usually we only get the other side of the coin, ‘oh, there are things science just can’t understand’.  Bullshit.

Day 6 004

Of course this film isn’t good.  It’s a cheap looking production.  Everyone is dubbed poorly, ruining any decent performances (if there were any to begin with).  The plot is bonkers, throwing conspiracy theory upon conspiracy theory until everything is a muddled mess.  And the film is boring, the worst sin a genre film can commit.  I can deal with a lot but if your film is boring then count me out.  Don’t bother watching this.  Just don’t.  There are much better things to do with your time.

Day 6 005

I don’t know what to say about this disc.  It looks like shit.  I can’t tell if that’s One7 or the production.  It is shot on video and it looks like standard def video at that.  It sounds like shit.  I guess you can hear the terrible dialog just fine.  You do actually get a couple of extras this time, in a rare move for One7.  There’s a trailer for the film (big deal) and a short doc by the director called ‘Sci-Real’.  Neither is worth the effort.

Day 6 006

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

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