The Claire Sinclair Show (2015)

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clair sinclair

Studio: Cult Epics

DVD Release: January 13, 2015

Director: Nico B. 

Not Rated

Review by Travis North

My first question before watching this DVD was, “Who the fuck is Claire Sinclair?” Given the complete oversaturation of porn on the internet, the days of porn stars seems long past. Considering Sinclair is more of a Playboy level nude star and nothing hardcore seems even more unlikely for anyone to care. She must have enough fans to justify putting out this release.

The contents of this disc are paltry at best, which comes off as a cash grab for the masturbators that will buy anything she is in. It is really only two episodes of The Cindy Sinclair Show and a few short bonus shorts. This show apparently airs on The Erotica Channel, which I have never heard of. I could Google it to find out more, or I could search “obliterated pussyholes” just as quickly and get more bang for my fuck.

VIDEO_TS (title 0 ch 0 frame 35621)

Anyway, the first episode is a Freaky Friday style self-interview where you learn all about Sinclair’s career history. Besides being sadly egotistical, it shares a fairly bland and predictable story. Girl in California goes on a few photo shoots, gets some success shooting “retro” style pin-ups, and eventually ends up at the Playboy Mansion. There are probably only a few thousands stories exactly like this in porn.

VIDEO_TS (title 0 ch 0 frame 15026)

The second episode is slightly more interesting in that this time Cindy interviews Bunny Yeager. She was a vintage porn photographer who did quite a lot of work wit the horribly overrated Betty Page. This unfortunately ended up being her last interview since she died soon after this was filmed. Cindy is lucky enough to take the opportunity to be photographed by Bunny, so in that regard it might interest someone.

VIDEO_TS (title 1 ch 0 frame 9145)

The bonus features are some Super 8 footage of the Bunny shoot, as well as video footage that finally, finally shows off Sinclair’s impressive natural udders. Other extras involve clips of some Betty Page bondage loops, and then a semi-trailer for the throwback feature Viva. If the loops or Super 8 footage interest you, check out some of the many reviews of vintage erotica on this website. All of this together barely pushes the running time to 75 minutes, so this can only really be recommended for superfans only.

Movie Rating: ★★☆☆☆

DVD Rating: ★★★☆☆

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