42nd Street Forever: The Peepshow Collection Vol. 5 (2014)

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42nd street peepshow 5

Studio: Impulse

DVD Release: October 7, 2014

Director(s): Various


Review by Travis North

The fifth in what could be an infinite series of dirty, mostly forgotten porn. If this is your first review that you are reading, why the hell are you starting now? Much like Game of Thrones, unless you start at the beginning you’ll be totally lost. Here is a quick primer to get you up to speed…people like to fuck on film. Here’s how they did it:

• A guy with a giant afro interrupts bath time to scrub a woman’s shitter clean with his dick.

42nd street forever peep show collection vol 5• After having sex for a while, a woman helpfully rolls a condom on her partner. Why would she start now? So when he blows his load into it, she can pull it off and play with it for a little while before pouring it onto her tits. The guy then surprises everyone with having a second coming on her face.

• Single women should never open their doors to strangers, or else they will be a victim of a home invasion. If you are found in this situation, let it be known you can turns the tables on your captor if you pour a beer over your pussy for him to drink. Then you can take his own knife away from him and poke it on the end of his dick. Gloria Steinem would be proud.

42nd street forever pee show colelction vol 5• Three ladies trying on clothes start going at it. A guy appears for a three on one. He can’t do it all though, and a giant orange double-ended dildo appears. This is the first of many double dildos among the loops.

42nd street forever 5• A clip with a title card, Super Fly. No fear of legal repercussions here. A guy pulls out his dick in front of two women, and it is so large it causes one of the women to faint. As the other woman inspects it by giving it a firm tug, she finds it’s just a massive dildo. Since it is two sided, it helpfully can get bent in the shape of a ring bologna and crammed in both her holes. This prop is necessary since he isn’t packing that much heat, but he makes up for it in his piss power. This of course inspires a unique smelling salt to revive the passed out women; squat and spray some piss on her face.

• Harry Reams reads “Porn Star”, only to have the author arrive and show him first hand how it is done with the help of another women. He gets hand fed cheese puffs and his prick gets sucked.

• A lucky gentleman starts to screw two women but before he gets too far, he gets rudely interrupted by a man wielding a belt. The man gets run out of the room, and the unlucky ladies are now at the mercy of a belt weirdo sicko. I am pretty sure this is Jamie Gillis, but there is never a clear shot of his face. The look of discomfort on the women make me think I am correct.

42nd street vol 5• A women who is about to step onto an elevator gets grabbed by two men and dragged into an apartment to get raped. One is not in the best of shape, so once he finishes he combs his hair and gets the hell out of there.

• Like in volume 4, there are a few repetitive lesbian scenes. These are spiced up a bit by the introduction of a pink hairbrush, as well as Fatty Arbuckle’s favorite accessory, the pop bottle.

This entry is a step up over the previous disc, with the picture, sound, and extra quality all continue to be consistent across the series.

Movie and DVD Rating: ★★★☆☆

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